Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We went to Olive Garden for my Dad's birthday!

On Saturday, Ayla and I went with my family to the Olive Garden to celebrate my Dad's birthday! My Dad turned 63 on January 19th! Happy birthday, Daddy! I will never forget how old he is because he was 30 years old when my parents had me. That is right, I will be 33 this year. Time has flown by.

Anyway, we all had a good time together as a family!

Here is the guest of honor, my Daddy!
He is in the center with uncle, Ernie on the left and my niece, Angie on the right.

I really liked that the Olive Garden put us in our own room!

My Mom and Lane!

Marion and Ayla!

Angie, her son, Ian and my sister-in-law, Carolyn!
Carolyn is Angie's mom.

One with me and my brother, Robert!

And of course one of me and Ayla!

This sweet little baby is named, Rae! She is Angie's other child. Ayla just loved her!

Ayla loves babies! She is always drawn to them. She spent most of the time we were there over by Rae. I am excited for her to have her own baby sister! I look forward to Ayla helping me with her. I really want Ayla to feel a part of raising her little sister. I am hoping it will help her feel love for her little sister and not feel left out. We are just going to have to see how it goes.

We all had a wonderful time together and a wonderful dinner! I love the Olive Garden!


gigi said...

I love Olive Garden! I love family birthday parties and I love CAKE!!! Cute pics, Heather!
Happy Ground Hog Day!

Ann Marie said...

Your Dad and my Dad are the same age! I had no idea.. cool!!!

I am sure Ayla will be a SUPER help. :)

This morning.. Mary was telling me a story about "kayla." I was like: Who is Kayla?? And she said.. you know.. your friend that came here yesterday? Lol! Too cute!

Garden of Egan said...

Olive Garden is my favorite place!!!!
I love their breadsticks.

That is such a cute picture of you and Ayla!