Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morganne's surprise birthday party!

On Thursday, February 9th we had a surprise birthday party for our niece, Morganne at Arctic Circle!

Ayla went to play on the playground the minute we got there.

She made a friend right off. She went up to this cute little girl and said, "My name is Ayla Dawn."
Then the cute little girl said, "Hi Ayla Dawn." I thought it was the cutest thing!

Kurt's sister, Suzanne brought balloons!

I made "Yoshie" cupcakes!

Here is a picture of Suzanne and Kurt as we wait for the guest of honor to show up!

This was the moment Morganne came in and we yelled, "Surprise!"

We all ate dinner.

Then we put a candle in one of the cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday," to Morganne!

Her blowing out her candle!

Group picture!
Me, Morganne, Little Kurt, Suzanne and Brooke!

Kurt's parents paid for the dinner and bought us all ice cream! Ayla is pretty happy in this picture eating her ice cream!

Morganne being silly!

Brooke and Morganne being silly together!

This is Morganne posing because she was excited! It was time for presents!

She got some "Mario" figurines from Suzanne and Brooke!

She got a small "Etch a Stech," from us!

And her favorite thing she got was from her mom, Krista, some "Yoshie" stuffed animals!

This was the last picture I took and I had to share it! It is such a cute picture of Little Kurt!

We all had a great time at the surprise party!

I think the kids had the best time with the playground, cupcakes and ice cream! It doesn't get any better than that for a kid!

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Nancy Face said...

I love that Ayla makes friends so quickly!

Oh, the cuteness of the cupcakes!