Monday, February 20, 2012

My Sister Marion's Wedding! Part 2

Here is a picture of the happy couple after they just signed the marriage license!

Monty updating his facebook profile from engaged to married! LOL!!

So happy!

Monty walking around.

Cute little flower girl, Hailey, Monty's niece!

First thing we did after the ceremony was take wedding party and family pictures.

Groom with grooms men!

Groom with best man, Jaxson!

Bride with brides maids!

Love this one!

Bride with maid of honor, me!

Groom with his siblings!
Holly, Rachelle, Monty, Gina and Ryan.

Groom and his dad!

Bride and groom with groom's parents!

This is the groom's side of the family!

One with all sets of parents!

Bride and groom with bride's parents!

One of bride's side of the family!
I am really sad that our Uncle Ernie didn't get in these pictures. He has lived with my parents most of my life. He is more like immediate family. It makes me sad I didn't notice he wasn't in these pictures.

Bride's side with siblings, her niece and nephew!
Again Ernie should have been in this one. :(

One of my little family!

Ayla waiting for pictures!

Darling little Dylan, waiting for pictures!

One of both sides of the family!
I think this is a pretty awesome picture!

Now for some pictures of just the bride and groom.

Love the shoes!

One with the grooms brother, Ryan and his wife, Lisa!

One of me right before the cutting of the cake!


Cutting the cake!

They were so nice to each other!

Good job Monty!

Tossing of the bouquet!

Marion with the little girl, Dakota who caught the bouquet.
In the video at the bottom of this post it doesn't look like she is the one who caught it but she did.

Getting ready to toss the guarder!

The first dance!

Dad and bride dance!

Here is the second dance with the bride and groom!
In this picture you can see how the wind started to pick up. It was so crazy how fast the weather changed! Just a couple of pictures above this one the sky was clear and about 15 minutes later a storm came. It knock over vases, blew over the arch and was trying to blow away the shutters! I was so glad the shutters were tied to the railing or they would have blown away. Lets just say that after all this started to happen the party was pretty much over. It was a big mess! I was glad my friends who helped in the kitchen started to get everything inside. They hurried and took off all the linens so they wouldn't blow away. Everyone there started to chip in and clean up. It was so nice to have all that help! I am glad the storm waited until all the traditional things you do at a wedding had happened. My sister said she loved her wedding and that was all that mattered to me!

It was fun but challenging to plan and put together the wedding! I loved it though! I so want to do weddings!

Below is the video my husband, Kurt put together for my sister and her husband. It is to their song. I think he did a wonderful job! I wish we had a video of our wedding!

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Cherie said...

I love wedding pictures!

These turned out so fun. I really like how in the big group picture everyone is black and white but the bride is in color.