Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Sister Marion's Wedding! Part 3

This is the last post I am doing on my sister's wedding.

I just wanted to share a few more pictures I liked and some pictures of the family and friends that were there.

This picture was taken right before everything began.
Ayla, Marion and Dad!

Ayla kept holding Hailey's hand!
It was so cute! Ayla loves to hold other kid's hands.

One more picture of Ayla dropping the roses and Hailey picking them up! You can see people laughing at how cute it was.

A front view of my Dad walking Marion down the isle!

Here is the line of people waiting to congratulate the bride and groom. This is one of the only pictures someone took of Uncle Ernie. This makes me sad. I wish he would have gotten in the family pictures.

The blond in this picture is my sister-in-law, Suzanne and the women in the glasses is my mother-in-law, Carol Anne. I love that the came!

I thought this was a sweet picture.
This is Monty's step mom, Melissa congratulating my sister.

This is my uncle, Cliff and Chrisy.
Chrisy is pretty much part of the family.

This is Monty's side.
The girl in the black is his sister, Holly and her husband, Terri is on the left in this picture. Their mom's boyfriend, Dee is on the right of Holly in this picture. I don't know the other girls name in this picture.

If you look behind her, the girl in the flower dress is one of my friends that helped out with the wedding. Her name is Amber. Thanks Amber, couldn't of done it without you!

Jolene, Heather and Amy.
These girls have been friends with me and Marion for years. Jolene 30 years, Heather 20 years and Amy 19 years.

My cousin, Shaun!
He is more like a brother to me. We are super close.

And of course one of Lane!

Me and Amy!

Melissa, me and Amy!
Now you can see Melissa from the front in this picture. She was Marion's Pippa! Melissa has also been our friend for a long time, about 15 years!

This is another friend that has been around for over 15 years. He is my brother's friend Rob. He was the D.J. for the wedding.

This is a picture of Monty's sister, Rachelle with her husband, Jeff.
To the right of them is their son, Colten, I'm not sure who the boy in the middle is but the boy hanging on the outside rail is Zac. Zac is one of Monty's other nephews.

This is Melissa holding her nephew. He is also Heather's nephew and next to Heather is her mom, Dalenia. I think this is a cute picture of Melissa!

Melissa and her nephew with our friends, Amy and her husband, John!

I didn't think we got a picture of the table that I displayed Marion's bridals on but I guess this one is kind one.

I thought this was a sweet picture of Monty, twirling Marion around, while they were dancing!

And last but not least, some more pictures of the bride and groom with the cake!

There you have it! I am pretty sure I am done posting Marion's wedding!

I hope you enjoyed!


Ann Marie said...

Cute Heather!

It's good you wrote it all out-- and who everyone was -- so you will remember one day! -- I always think I will remember.. but I forget!

Nancy Face said...

I read all three of the wedding posts, and I agree with you - it turned out stunning! You are the best sister for doing all you did for Marion! I know I always mention your fantastic cakes, but it's because they are so unique and special and beautiful! And this wedding cake - oh my goodness, it's just dreamy!

It sure was fun to read about this special day and to see so many great pictures!