Friday, February 17, 2012

My Sister, Marion's Wedding! Part 1! Decorations and Ceremony!

My sister, Marion and I planned her whole wedding and I mean every little detail, EVERYTHING. It took us from January until the wedding in August. I think between the 2 of us, it turned out stunning!

The day before and the wedding day was so crazy for me because I had to be in charge of the decorations, where things went, direct the ceremony line, the cake and telling people where there help was needed. I am so thankful for all the help we had! We couldn't have done it without them!

The first thing I am going to share our the decorations. Some of these pictures were taken by the photographers and some by regular cameras. You can tell the photographer ones! I didn't take hardly any pictures because I was so BUSY!!

This was the sign in table!

Here is the cake I made!

Another one of the cake with the wedding rings, in the flowers!

This is the best picture I have of the food tables.

This was one of the table center pieces.
It is a vase with black branches coming out with red roses in the center of white hydrangeas. We had little white buckets with little tea-lights hanging from the branches and each table had one of the engagement pictures.

Here is a picture of how the tables looked.
I loved the linens we pick out, so beautiful! They really were the main decorations.

Here is how the ceremony set up looked like.

My sister and I got the shutters for $25 off of KSL. We drove to Hyrum to get them but they were worth it!

Here is a better picture of the chairs. You can see some of the rose balls we made hanging off of the middle chairs. We wanted them to be in the isle.

My sister hired a harpist for the music. It was so beautiful! She did a fabulous job!

Here is a close up of one of the side tables that was set up in the front for the ceremony. The photographers put the wedding rings hanging on one of the rose balls.

Now for the ceremony.

My dad, Rob escorting my mom, Chris.
He then went back to escort my sister.

Monty's mom, Karen being escorted by her boyfriend, Dee.

Monty's dad, Greg escorting his wife, Melissa.

Monty's good friend, Mark escorting our family friend of 20 years, Heather.

Monty's brother, Ryan escorting our family friend of 30 years, Jolene.

The best man, Monty's nephew, Jaxson escorting the maid of honor, me.

This is Lisa, Ryan's wife holding the ring barer, Dylan. She was in charge of him and the flower girls.

Which were her daughter, Hailey and my daughter, Ayla.

Ayla did so well at dropping the rose petals!

And Hailey did so well trying to pick them up! It was so adorable!

Here comes the bride!

Being escorting by our daddy!

Our friend Melissa was Marion's Pippa!

Dad handing Marion over!

Monty taking his beautiful bride!

Grooms men!

Bride maids!

Best man!

Best man pretending he lost the ring! LOL!

Monty placing Marion's ring on her finger!

Marion placing Monty's ring on his finger!

Being pronouced husband and wife!


The new Mr. and Mrs. P!

One of Jolene and Ryan as the wedding line followed the bride and groom!

There you have it! The decorations and ceremony!

Next post will be family pictures, reception pictures and a video of the wedding that my talented hubby made.


Ann Marie said...

Everything looked beautiful!!!

Love all of the decorations.. and of course.. the cake!

Have a happy weekend! Take care of that baby girl! ♥

Cherie said...

Having put on 2 weddings myself I totally know how much work, planning and stress (ha ha)goes into making a wedding beautiful!
I think you and Marion did an outstanding g job!

Those rose balls alone - ugh! We did 70 of those for Katie's wedding and they are pretty but SO MUCH WORK!!

I love the centerpieces with the branches and the lights. Very very pretty!

And, of course, your cake is a masterpiece!

It all looks so beautiful !

Ayla as the flower girl - she is so cute!!

Good job Heather:-)

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful! The cake is gorgeous!