Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Decorations!

I did a few projects for our Valentine's decorations.

I only decorated our mantel because I am in love with our mantel. One of these days, I will decorate our whole house and make it feel more like a home. I just need to have the baby and get settled in.

Here is a before picture of the mantel before I did the projects.

I used some of the rose balls we made for my sister's wedding. I also had some left over ribbon from her wedding decor. I hung 4 of the large rose balls from the ceiling and used 3 small ones and put them in a tray. I had bought a couple of frames from the D.I. At first it kind of looked like I had a bunch of junk on my mantel.

The first thing I did was, bought these sticks that had hearts on them. I cut off the hearts and put them in a jar.

The women who lived in our house before left this tray and so I used it.

I painted it black.

Here is where the real projects I did, come into place in this post.
I bought this frame from the D.I. for a $1. I then bought some scrapbook paper to go inside.

I painted the frame black.

Printed the font I wanted off the computer.

Traced the letters on the scrapbook paper, cut them out, glued everything together and put it back in the frame.

This s how it turned out!

This next project I did, is my favorite .

I bought this frame for a $1.50 from the D.I. It was more like a shadow box which was just what I wanted.

I painted it black and some of the inside canvas.

I measured, cut and glued a piece of damask scrapbook paper to the inside.

I then cut out a heart, out of paper and traced it on the inside of the shadow box with a Sharpe.

My sister and I made some more of the roses with left over crape paper that we didn't end up using for the wedding.

I then glued all the little roses around the traced heart.

And here is how it turned out! I love it!

I got the idea for this project from the same blog, "The Idea Room" I got the rose ball idea.

Here it is on the mantel.
I also bought some fake candles from the Dollar Tree and wrapped ribbon around them, then put them on the empty candle sticks.

Here is the little roses with the tray painted.

Here is my XOXO sign.
You can also see the jar of hearts I cut out. I also put some fake roses in a bowel.

I printed out some pictures of my little family, put them in the frames and tied some red ribbon at the top. I love the picture of me and my hubby because we make the shape of a heart.

Last but not least, I ordered this 'LOVE" sign from my friend Monica. She does Stampin Up. She made it and sent it to me in the mail. I love it! It goes perfect with all the other decorations.

So once again, here is a before picture before all the projects were done.

And here is how it turned out! I so love it!

It really reminds me of my sister's wedding because we decorated her whole wedding with this look.

Well there you have it. That's our Valentine's decorations!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Ann Marie said...

Super cute and creative my friend!!

Way to make new pretties with junky looking things! I love when people recycle up!

Love you much.
Happy Valentines day!

gigi said...

Cute stuff here!

Samion Eric said...

Keep it up; keep posting more n more n more.
valentine hearts