Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Things to blog about!

First thing, I am still pregnant.

This was taken after church yesterday.
I thought I would have had her by now but I haven't. In the last post I stated that I wanted to have her on the 24th, Well, I thought I was going to have her that day because I started to have regular contractions again but they stopped half way through the day. I am now just going to just sit back a wait because it is very disappointing when I think she is coming and then she doesn't. She will come when my body is ready. I am however really tired and sore from all the Braxton Hicks I have been having. Some of them get pretty intense. I guess I feel them more because this is my second pregnancy. Her due date is a week from today! I hope she doesn't go over and I have to be induced. Wish me luck!

The second thing I wanted to blog about is how our Valentine's day went.

I put Ayla in this shirt.
Out of all her shirt, I thought this one was as close to Valentine's as I could get.

We spent the day at my sister, Marion's. Then we came home for the evening.

We had a knock at the door.
It was for Ayla, Kurt's parents brought Ayla a Valentine! She was so excited!
It was heart candy and a TY "Hello Kitty!"

Then we opened our Valentine's!

Kurt got his favorite PJ's sewn up from me!
I did this same thing for him 2 Valentine's ago. He loves these pants and I just keep mending them for Valentine's day as a act of love. It always makes him so happy! It is the simple things that make us happy! He also got a t-shirt. He loves t-shirts!

Ayla got a Valentine Monkey!

She got the "Love Splat" book!
We love Splat the cat books!

She also got a water color painting Mickey and Minnie Valentine's kit!
She loved painting these pictures!

I found it interesting that she painted all the Mickeys blue and all the Minnies pink!

I of course got these flowers and the big box of Oreo's you see in the pictures above. Oreo's are my favorite! This was the first time Kurt didn't get me roses for Valentine's but these flowers are still in bloom on my kitchen table as I speak! I am still enjoying them! I love them!

The last thing I wanted to blog about is, it was Ayla's and Kurt's birthdays this weekend. Ayla's was on Saturday and Kurt's was yesterday. We had all ready celebrated their birthdays on the 11th with family and friends but I we still did some simple things to celebrate.

Here is Ayla in the shirt I made for her birthday parties. It says, "Birthday Girl!" I thought I would put it on her on her actual birthday too. I made her one of her favorite dinners, Salisbury Steak and potatoes!

I then put 4 candles in a Hostess Cupcake and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She looks a little scared in the picture because she was. I told her not to touch the candles.

Then she blew them out!

I also gave her one present to open!
It was sidewalk chalk. She loves to draw on the sidewalk. All of her chalk she had before is pretty much gone.

Yesterday, during sacrament meeting, Ayla drew some pictures for her Dad for his birthday.

This one was my favorite! It is a picture of balloons!
She also drew decorations, cupcakes and a lot of other pictures.

I was going to let Kurt have the last Hostess Cupcake, put a candle in it and sing "Happy Birthday," but our neighbor bet me to it.

Our neighbor, Bruce came over with a plate of brownies with 2 candles in them. When we opened the door, he sang "Happy Birthday," to Kurt and Ayla. As you can see from the picture above we all enjoyed the plate of brownies! There is only one left!

I just wanted Kurt and Ayla to know how much I love them and wish them both a Happy Birthday on my blog!

I will post their real parties some time soon!


Ann Marie said...

Yay for all happy things!!

The baby girl will come when she is ready. Remember that!! I am hoping for March! March is a happy month for a Birthday!

Take care.. rest.. and enjoy your happy family of three that will soon be 4!

Garden of Egan said...

I love each of those pictures.
Looks like you are celebrating kings!!!!!
I love that you find something to enjoy each moment.

Sorry you're still preggers. Oh well...sooner or get to be up all night long.

ML said...

You look so cute! I can't believe you're almost due! We do need to get together, maybe after you're all settled in with your baby. I have been horrible about checking blogs and updating my own lately. Thanks for your sweet comments. Keep us posted. I hope all goes well!

By the way, I love Splat the Cat books, too.

Nancy Face said...

What a fun picture of you and Ayla and your cute baby tummy! I never thought to get any pictures taken when I was close to giving birth, and I really wish that I had so I could show my kids!

Such happy Valentine things!

So...are Ayla's and Kurt's birthdays on the 25th and 26th? Mine was on the 24th! :)