Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance!

Last May, my friend, Amber asked me if I wanted to help her with her daughter's birthday party. She was planning on have a Daddy Daughter Dance. I said sure.

When she showed me the invitation. It was so pretty and I thought since that was so pretty we needed the dance to match the invite. The invitation was brown and parts of it were pink so Amber and I decided to do the dance all in pink and brown.

This was a good experience for me, to get me ready for doing my sister's wedding that August.

I was in charge of the refreshments.
I had set up how it was going to look before hand so I could get an idea. The 3 tiered stands I made for my sister's wedding and so we used them. Amber wanted to have candy put in jars and so I rounded up what jars and vases I had. I bought a few more from the dollar store too. I thought the table looked beautiful with out it full of refreshments.

Amber even did a sign in table.

This is Amber's daughter, Emma she was the guest of honor.
This was taken as we were setting things up.

This was what the table looked like with everything on it.
I kind of wish I would have brought my smaller table because I think it looked better but I it still looked good. Plus, there was more room for people to grab their goodies.

I made a small wedding cake for the occasion.

This is what the tables looked like. I suggested puff balls for center pieces because they were pretty and inexpensive. Amber wanted tulle tie around every chair. I got all Gerber daisies, including the ones on the cake at the Dollar Tree. It was Amber's idea to tie a flower on every chair. I think the tables turned out adorable. I loved it!

Here is what the gym looked like after we almost had everything set up.
We also had help from our friend, Suzzanne and her nephew Aaron. They help out a lot!

Amber has some photographers in her family and so they came at took pictures. She even had a brother-in-law, Mark who brought sound equipment and he put some lighting around the stage. He even was the D.J. I think Amber covered everything. It was quite the birthday party!

Ayla and Kurt showed up for the party. Ayla didn't wear a dress and Kurt didn't dress for it either. They were not planning on staying. Kurt had rode his bike and pulled Ayla in her bike trailer. They came just to say hi to me and brought the decorations that Ayla drew for the dance. We put her drawings up in the room where I was teaching the girls how to make their own corsages. You can see her drawing behind her in the picture above. The corsages were just small puff balls that the girls could wear around their wrest. They are actually called Mexican flowers.

Kurt and Ayla ended up staying for a while. I loved having their company!
Notice Ayla's corsage?

Here you can see the lighting on the stage.
Amber had a lot of activities planned for the girls to do other than dancing with their Dads or their dates. Notice the girls on the stage have hula hoops? They did a hula hoop contest. The girls went first!

Then their dates went!

Of course there was a lot of dancing!

One of the activities was each girl was announced, escorted a cross the stage and received a head band. I escorted Ayla a cross the stage.

Then you would walk down the stairs in front of the stage.

Kurt and Ayla!

You can really see the head band and her corsage it this picture. Amber and I made the head bands. I think it made the girls feel like princess.

Here is a picture of the guest of honor, Emma dancing with her dad, Ken! I love that he is kneeling for her!

I loved seeing all the girls and their dates dressed in Sunday best!

There was one point when Amber had the girl's dates sing "My Girl" to the girls. It was sweet!

Here was the gift table.

Here is Emma getting ready to open her gifts.

This a picture of all the girls as they were getting reading for the group picture. Each of them were able to get an individual picture with their date that they had brought. I think Emma had a great turn out. I think almost all the girls they invited came. I know these girls will always remember this birthday party for the rest of their lives. They all had such a great time. I heard that a lot of the girls were talking about it at school that week.

It was a lot of fun to help decorate and plan this event with Amber. I feel Amber and I became a lot closer doing this together. She is now one of my good friends. We talk all the time and enjoy planning parties together. She even helped out with my sister's wedding.


Garden of Egan said...

That is quite an event! Lots of work but such a fun thing! Such pretty little girls.

Ann Marie said...

Wow! That is a lot of work! It all looked so good.. and the dance looked so fun! Great ideas!