Saturday, February 4, 2012

My sister, Marion's bridals!

My sister, Marion had her bridals taken back in July. This time I didn't take the pictures. She had a photographer take them. The photographer's name is Emily and she calls her business, Destiny Photography.

We started the photo shoot at the Capital building.

The stairs in the capital are just beautiful!

I love the red shoes!

The pictures she took on this ledge made me and my mom nerves because Marion was laying on the railing and on the other side is a two story drop. The railing was wide and Marion said she wasn't scared at all that she felt secure. I think this picture turned out darling!

We all loved this one!
I had made her bouquet that day. We bought some roses from Costco and I bunched them together with some rubber bands, cut the stems, then wrapped ribbon around the stems, tied a bow with the ribbon and stuck on a couple strands of pretty bling bling stickers on the ribbon. We thought it turned out prefect!

One of her ring inside her bouquet!

We also went to place called the Garden Park Ward.
This is a LDS church yard. It is called Garden Park Ward after the ward that attends there. It is a very beautiful place to take pictures.

I so loved this one of her sitting down!

One of Marion jumping!
This was one of the last pictures she took.

We all had a great time and we were pleased on how the pictures turned out!


Tiffany said...

She is SO beautiful!! We took my bridals and our engagement pictures at the garden park ward!!

gigi said...

LOV, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! She is such a beautiful bride!

Garden of Egan said...

She's beautiful.
Those pictures are so lovely. She is a beautiful woman.

Recksieks said...

You have such a talent for taking pictures! Beautiful job!!!

Heather said...

I only took their engagements. These were done by photographer. I wish I could take these kinds of pictures. I wish I had that good of a camera.

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures!

Cherie said...

She is gorgeous!
The red shoes are to die for - they are soooooo neat! They totally pop and the picture of the red flowers with the red shoes - LOVE THAT!!

All the pictures turned out fantastic. I Love the one of Marion laying on the ledge - it is so cute but I would have been scared too.

She is beautiful.