Friday, March 2, 2012

Ayla's birthday party with her friends!

Ayla's favorite thing right now is "My Little Pony." There is a new version out, it is called "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic." This is the one Ayla has been watching and she just loves everything about it! So, I decided to throw her a couple of "My Little Pony," birthday parties!

The first one I did with her friends and later that same day, I did one with family and friends for her and Kurt! I am posting both parties individual. This one is the one with her friends, since it was the first party we had that day.

Here is the invitation I made for that party. Pinkie Pie is the pony that loves to throw parties and Ayla loves her, so it was perfect! That is why the invitations says, "Pinkie Pie is throwing Ayla a birthday party." It also says, "There will be games, prizes and cupcakes!" I only served cupcakes at this party. Cupcakes were perfect because Pinkie Pie always serves cupcakes at her parties. You can see a picture of Pinkie Pie in the lower right hand corner of the invitation.

They don't sell any birthday decorations that are the new version of "My Little Pony," they only sell the old school version, so I had to make everything. I had a lot of fun doing it though!

The first thing I made was a birthday banner!
I got the idea from The Crafty Chicks blog. I made the fan wheels, by stapling them together and then I had to cut out all the circles and the letters all by hand. Good thing I have some detail scissors, they rock!

I used glue stick to glue all the letters on the circles, then glued the circles on the fan wheels with a hot glue gun and then I stapled some curly ribbon on the back of the fan wheels to be able to hang all the letters together.

I did one banner of Happy Birthday and one of Ayla's name.

Here is the one of Ayla's name right after I finished it! I love how they turned out!

I printed out all the main characters from the show and then cut them out with some hole punches that I invested in. I figure I will be doing a lot of cupcakes. They are my new favorite thing to make!

I also made a small cake for Ayla!
I am not doing any large cakes right now. That is another reason cupcakes were perfect!

I made Ayla a shirt with Pinkie Pie on it and it says, "Birthday Girl!"

I wrapped her presents in cupcake wrapping paper and made Pinkie Pie tags!

I drew Pinkie Pie on a poster board, colored her with crayons, cut her out and then lamented her with tape, so we could have a pin the tail on the pony game!

We also played horse shoes or in this case pony shoes!
I bought a paper towel rack for $.50 at the D.I. and then painted it pink. I bought some foam letter, U's for the shoes. They were perfect because they came in the colors of "My Little Pony!"

The last game I made was this bowling game!
In one of the episodes, some of the ponies go bowling.

I used water bottles for the bowling pins and I just covered them with paper cut outs of Pinkie Pie!
I got the bowling pin idea from my friend, Ann's blog. This is a tradition that her and her family do with pumpkins for Halloween.

We were going to have the parties at our house but we came down with the stomach flu. I disinfected my house but did you know, that the stomach flu can linger in your home for 2 weeks after you have had it? Even if you disinfect your house! I did some googling on how to get rid of it. I then decided to play it safe and have the parties over at our church building, which I think was a better because we had more room there.

The night before the parties, my sister, Marion came and helped me set up all the decorations. I am so glad she did! I don't know how I could have done it without her.

Now I am going to show you how the decor looked going around the room, starting with the gift table.

Then I had the dessert table set up with the banners behind it!

I made puff balls for center pieces for all the tables!

I bought balloons to stream from the ceiling! This is how the room looked when you came in! I was pleased!

This was taken as some of the guests were showing up. The kids had a lot of fun just with the balloons!

This is cute little Amelia!

Amelia and cute little Milee!

This is Ayla's friend, Ella!
She is Milee's older sister.

This is Ayla's friend, Emily!
She is Amelia's older sister.

This is Sam and Matt!
Sam is Emily's and Amelia's older brother. Matt is Cory's and Dee Dee's son.

Amy and I!
She is Sam's, Hyram's, Emily's and Amelia's mom.

This is our good friend, Cory with Kurt!

This is Amanda, Dee Dee and Milee!
Amanda is Ella's and Milee's mom. Dee Dee is Cory's wife.

This is Lauree, Emma and Amber!
Lauree is Cory's and Dee Dee's daughter. Emma is Amber's daughter. This is the same Emma that I helped her mom with for her Daddy Daughter Dance.

Here is Ayla with her two favorite friends, Emily and Ella!

Now onto the games!

The first game we played was pin the tail on the pony!

This is Seth!
He is Amber's son.

This is Hryam.
He is Amy's other son.

Now onto horse shoes!

This is a pretty awesome picture of all the kids!
Kurt took this picture! Good job, Honey!

Now onto the bowling!

I don't remember who won what games but Hyrum won one of the prizes!

After the games, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Ayla and had cupcakes!

Ayla after she had her cupcake!

Then we did presents!
I loved that people gave her "My Little Pony" things!

I really loved that Ella colored a "My Little Pony" card for Ayla!
Such a cute picture of them looking at the card together!

The party with Ayla's friends turned out perfect! I think we all had a good time!

The only person I didn't get a picture of at this party was, Spencer. He is Cory's and Dee Dee's other son. I guess he was moving around so much I never was able to get a picture.

The next post will be the family and friends party we had that night!


Nancy Face said...

Wow! What a wonderful party! The cupcakes and little cake look so cute, and the banners are beautiful!

I'm super impressed with your mad drawing skills! The Pinkie Pie you drew on the poster board is amazing!

I love your Horseshoes idea, and also the bowling game! I especially love that they are PINK!

Recksieks said...

You did such a fabulous job on the party! Thanks for inviting all the kids. You are amazing!