Sunday, January 29, 2012

My sister, Marion's engagement pictures, I took!

This is another then post.

Last year around this time, I was announcing my sister, Marion's engagement! In July, we went to a guy named, Gary's property in Grantsville to take Marion's and Monty's engagement pictures. Gary is a friend to my Dad's best friend, Gary. Got it? Two different Garys. This guy's property is amazing, he has a barn, horses, horse property fenced in, ponds that he dug out himself, a house and a guest house all on his property. People have held their weddings there, it is so pretty. Anyway, it was so nice of him to let us come and take pictures on his property.

We first started in the barn.

The horse was trying to eat Marion's hair! LOL!

Gary even let us get into his antique canoe!
These pictures were hilarious to take! We were all laughing because I had to sit in the canoe too with my camera and we had the hardest time keeping the canoe from capsizing. I didn't want my camera to fall with me into the pond. We pulled it off though.

Then we took pictures on the outside of the barn.

Having too much fun!

They climbed out on a tree that was over one of the ponds. Notice the canoe behind them? That was the canoe we were in.

I took picture of them on one of the fences to one of the horse properties.

Then we went on the steps that went to the house and guest house.

And of course we had to take pictures with the canopy that was over the other pond.

And one in front of the shed that looked like a small barn.

Then we stopped at the Great Salt Lake on the way back home.

It was the prefect time of day. The lighting was perfect!

We got just what we wanted!

And here is the invitation I created with Photoshop! I am pretty proud of it!

We had a blast taking the pictures! Good times!

And I have to say that my camera rocks because all it is a Cannon Powershot! It is not a professional camera but it took really good pictures. At Marion's wedding we put their engagement pictures on all the tables and her photographers were amazed at the pictures I took with my small simple camera.


Garden of Egan said...

Those are great !!!! Half of a good shot is the creative composition.
You did so well.
Soon you will be getting more offers than you can handle.

Cherie said...

Those are super fun and I can tell you were all having a good time :-D
The invitation you made is so pro looking - You are very very talented Heather!!!

Ann Marie said...

You are talented in soo many ways!
Love you!

gigi said...

I think that you did a great job! I love the one in the boat best, I think, there were so many good ones! Go You!!