Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Christmas Decorations and Goodies I made this Christmas Season!

I wanted to document our Christmas decorations and some goodies I made this Christmas season.

I am first going to start with our decorations.

Starting with the kitchen.
The picture that is framed on the table, is the picture of Ayla with Santa from the Festival of Trees this year.

I love to use old Christmas card to decorate.
Our kitchen has these frames and so I used the old cards in each of them.

I loved my Christmas plates hanging on the wall.
I won those plates, the JOY tiles and a little silver Christmas tree from my friend, Ann's blog 2 Christmas's ago.

This is what our cupboards looked like.

And this is what our fridge looked like. It still looks like this! I love all the Christmas picture cards we got this year!

Now I will move onto our living room.

This was our railing.

I did the card wreath on our front door this year.

This was our front window.
The cards in this picture our the ones we got this year! I love getting Christmas cards in the mail! It is like getting a little present every day!

My favorite decorations were the ones on the mantel and the tree itself! On the left end of the mantel is the little silver tree I won from Ann's blog.
I took this picture on Christmas Eve when we had my side of the family Christmas party. Everyone brought their presents and added them to ours under the tree. I loved seeing all the gifts poring out of the tree, so much love.

And this is what it looked like at night with the lights on. I loved it!
This was taken Christmas night after all the parties were over.
I am so in love with my fireplace and mantel. It is so fun to decorate. When I took Christmas all down our house looked like we were moving again. I need to start hanging pictures and decorating our home. I did put some Valentines decorations out though and I love them! I will blog those later.

Well that is the end of our decorations.

Now I want to share the goodies I made this Christmas season.

First thing I made were some cupcakes for my sister, Marion's coworker's fund raiser.

I topped the cupcakes with these yummy Andes peppermints.

I made chocolate cupcakes. I found these adorable boxes at Walmart, to put them in.

I did 24 cupcakes which filled 4 boxes. I was very proud how they turned out!

I ended up making more cupcakes for my Christmas Eve party. I also made some more sugar cookies. Notice the green frosting on the cookies? I was able to dye the frosting this time.

And last but not least...

I made these yummy Oreo Pops! I got the recipe from my friend, Amanda.

You have to try these! They are easy and taste like Oreo cake.

Here is how you make them...

You will need...

1-bag of regular Oreos (not the double stuff)
1-8 oz. block of cream cheese
Candy melts or white chocolate to melt.
24 sticks

Let the cream cheese become soft.
Take the Oreos (you use the whole cookie) and and blend them in the blender.
Mix the cream cheese and the blended Oreos together with your hands. Then roll the mix into little balls. Put the sticks in them and then chill them for 3 hours or more.
Melt the candy melts or the white chocolate and then take the chilled Oreo pops and dip them into the candy melts or white chocolate. Stick them back into the fridge to harden.

They are super yummy!

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Garden of Egan said...

Your home is beautiful. You had it decorated so cute! You are very talented.
Your treats are delicious looking. Oreos are my weakness.

Your house looks so Christmasy! I hate when the decorations have to come down. It looks empty around here too.