Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Christmas 2011!

I have been wanting to post this post all week. I loaded the pictures like 4 days ago.

Here is how our Christmas was.

On Christmas Eve, my side of the family came over to celebrate Christmas. My mom and my sister, Marion came over real early so we could get all the food prepared.

Ayla had a good time playing with the potatoes, Grandma was peeling. She was having them talk to each other. It is the simple things in life that make us happy! :)

My uncle, Ruel and his wife Denise came.
I was so grateful to have gotten a table cloth finally for our fold up table. You can see the goodies I made on the table in this picture.

My sister, Marion and her husband had an "Ugly Sweater Party," later that night. This was my sister's sweater. I sewed on her Christmas stocking and some ornaments on her sweater vest. We cracked up as I was doing it.

Marion ended up borrowing Ayla's aunt Marion doll, so she could have a twin in her stocking! LOL!

My cousin, Harriett came with her family. Her daughter, Samantha is the one with her head turned.

But I got a cute picture with her!

We all ate the yummy food!

Here is the food!
We had another turkey dinner.

My Daddy!
I love my Dad! His birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday Dad!

Such a great picture of Marion and Harriett!

One of me and my handsome hubby!
Kurt is raising his lemonade for toast, I guess.

After we ate, we exchanged gifts.

Ayla was so excited to get her "Barbie" luggage. Marion and Monty got her it so she could pack it whenever she goes over to their house. It is an overnight bag.

They also got her these cupcake pj's, so she could pack them in the luggage. Ayla loves cupcakes!

Everyone was gone around 4 PM.
Kurt, Ayla and I went and took a 2 hour nap. We then got up ate some leftovers and then had our own little Christmas as a family. We opened all our gifts from each other.

Ayla with her toy cupcakes we got her!

We got her "Hungry, Hungry Hippos!"

Kurt got me some cute clothes and he wrapped some in this cute box! This box is from his childhood. He drew on it when he was a kid. I love it!

After we opened presents Kurt and I played some "Band Hero." It was so much fun! We hadn't played the Playstation together in a long time.

Ayla was so cute that night! It was so fun to see her excitement! She was so excited for Santa to come! It was the first time I had ever seen her get so excited to go to bed. She even went and put on her new pj's she got from Marion and Monty.

I took a picture of her in her pj's holding her cupcakes, standing next to her cupcake bedding. Like I said, she loves cupcakes right now. I know it is because I have been making them a lot lately and she loves "My Little Pony." On that show there is a pony named, "Pinkie Pie," who is always throwing parties for everyone and she always has cupcakes. For Ayla's birthday this year I am having it "My Little Pony" themed and on the invitations it says, "Pinkie Pie is throwing Ayla a birthday party!" It has been fun planning it! I will blog it next month.

That night Santa came!
Notice the teddy bear under the tree? That is what she had been asking for. Ya, and she got a bike!

Here is Ayla on her bike outside for the first time!
This was the best picture I got of her. I filmed her most of the time.

That afternoon we went and spent Christmas with Kurt's side of the family.

Little Kurt and Morganne got this awesome teeter tater from Santa. Ayla loved riding it with Little Kurt.

We then ate dinner together.

My hubby told the Christmas Story to the kids with the "Little People" Nativity. It was so cute! He had done it the night before for Ayla too.

Then we opened gifts.

Here is Kurt holding Ayla's "Hello Kitty" she got. I so love her "Hello Kitty!"

Ayla got this beautiful dress that night!

One of the best things I got for Christmas was this letter from my Mom! I asked her for it and on Christmas Eve when they came over she brought it with her. I love it! It is all about my birth and how much she loves me. The envelope says, "To my favorite Little One Heather. Always remember how much I love you. Love mom." My Mom has always called, my brother her favorite son and my sister, her favorite middle child and me her favorite little one. I will cherish this letter forever!

Below are some videos of Christmas morning.

This first one is how Ayla had to wait to see what Santa brought and her reaction to her teddy bear.

This one is so cute! She got a "My Little Pony," toy and one of the toys is a little dragon named, Spike. Ayla had been wanting Spike for a long time!

Here is one of her riding her bike in the house for the first time. This one is a little long but if you watch the first part of her ridding down the hall you will see how much she loves her bike.

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was my favorite so far with Ayla and my little family!


gigi said...

Those are wonderful Christmas pictures! I'm proud of you for such a long post! I still haven't gotten up my Thanksgiving pictures yet, ugh.

I need your email. I wanted to say that you were right! The second picture of Shelby is the faking picture :)
Thanks for leaving a comment. Do you know what you are having? And when are you due?
Have a happy weekend.
gigigriffis at

Cherie said...

I love your tree and all your decor - the hanging ornaments are soooo cute!! You always make everything so festive for your family Heather!
I love your sisters Ugly Sweater too - It is Saaaa-Weeet!!! We had an Ugly Sweater Party this year and it was fun.

I'm so glad you had a great Christmas. You are looking so cute pregnant. When are you due?

Scotty and Michelle said...

Looks like such a great Christmas!!

Nanette said...

I love family christmases!

Garden of Egan said...

You did have a wonderful Christmas. It looks like Ayla is so is having the time of her life.

Your pregnant little tummy is so cute!