Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lagoon this last July!

Here is another then post!

We went to our local theme park, Lagoon this past July with my side of the family. We do this every year as a family.

Ayla was quite the little dare devil. She went on a lot of big rides.

In this picture you can see that her hair is wet. That is because she rode the "Rattle Snake Rapids."

Here she is getting ready to ride "BomBora." The new roller coaster they had that year.
You can see my Dad and my nephew, Lane sitting behind Ayla and Marion.

Lane and Dad!

Ayla and Marion!
They were on the ride "OdySea." I love this ride! It is exactly like "Dumbo" at "Disneyland" except you get wet!

Ayla with Grandma and Grandpa on the "Tilt-A-Whirl!"

Marion rode "The Bat" with Lane because he asked her to. He was panicking a little before they took off. You can see in the picture he has his hand on his heart. Marion couldn't help but laugh. Land is so cute!

I got this picture of them as the came around the corner! Lane really had a good time!

Marion and Dad on the "Rocket", my favorite ride at "Lagoon."

Ayla of course rode a lot of the kiddy rides too.

She is so cute!

The biggest ride she rode was the "Tidal Wave!" She was so excited to ride that ride. She wanted to ride it last year but was too little, she cried. This is a picture of them all waiting in line.

Ayla and Marion giving a thumbs up before the ride! I love Ayla's thumb, too cute!

Can you find Ayla? It is kind of hard because the picture is so small.

Here she is!
Marion said she laughed the whole time! I know it had to have been her favorite ride.

She rode "Puff," the kiddy roller coaster!

Here we are on the train!
Yes, I took the picture.

Such a cutie!

Here I am with Ayla!
The train was the only ride I rode because I had just found out a couple of weeks before we went that I was pregnant. I can't believe it now, I only have 5 to 6 weeks left and our new little girl will be here! We are so excited!

Marion and Ayla on the "Dinosaur Drop."

Ayla giggled the whole time!

I think after going on so many big rides the kiddy rides didn't seem as appealing.

She love the "Jumping Dragon!" She rode it twice. This time was with Grandpa!

And of course she had to ride the boats!

She had to drive her own car!

By the time she rode the "Helicopters," she was getting tired.

This was her final ride. I know that when she starts to suck on those 2 fingers, she is done!

We had such a great time at Lagoon! It was so much fun to live through Ayla! I wish I could have gone on some rides with her but I am glad to be having another baby. I look forward to this summer and ridding rides with Ayla!


Ann Marie said...

There's only one lagoon!!!

I want to go there now. It gets me excited for summer!!!

My kids love it so much as well.. but of course only second to Disneyland!

Garden of Egan said...

Too fun!
She's grown so much since those pictures!