Friday, November 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

Of course we had our pumpkin carving night! I had a pumpkin and Ayla had one!

Ayla's pumpkin came out of Grandma Perry's garden from this year! We went over to their house about a week before we carved our pumpkins.

Ayla picked which one she wanted and I cut it!

Here is Ayla's pumpkin!
I love that little Kurt got in the picture!

Kurt and Ayla playing a little bet before we had to go!

We had our pumpkin carving night 3 nights before Halloween!

We had my Mom, my sister, Marion and my nephew, Lane over like we always do!
I made chili and cornbread, like I did last year! I think chili and cornbread is going to become part of our tradition! I love traditions!

Lane with his chili!

Of course Ayla only wanted the cornbread and made a mess!

Ashlyn rockin the walker, while we eat!

My hubby with his chili!

Kurt watched Ashlyn while we carved the pumpkins!

Playing with the blocks!

Cute girl!

I let Lane draw inside the eyes of my pumpkin.

Lane rockin out!

Cutting the top!

Me and Lane with pumpkin guts on our hands!
I like how you can see the bat lights behind us!

You can see Marion starting to carve Ayla's pumpkin!

Carving mine!
I am glad I kept it simple this year.

All done!



With the lights off!

I have two pumpkins in this one! 
(I am talking about Ayla being the other pumpkin)

This turned out cool! Marion put the flash light on Ayla!

Marion and Ashlyn!

Ayla pulling a face, standing with our pumpkins and Halloween decor!

Lane had to get in on the pulling face thing!

We had a fun time carving our pumpkins!

I think they turned out awesome!

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Garden of Egan said...

So cute!
It looks like it was a lot of excitement around your house.
I bet Ayla had a blast!