Sunday, December 2, 2012

What we did for Halloween!

Here is the last Halloween post! It is what we did for Halloween!

The Saturday before Halloween we went to my sister-in-law, Suz's ward party/Trunk or Treat! We really had a great time!

We first met up at Suz's home and went over to her church together!

This is what my kids were for Halloween. Ashlyn wore the puppy dog costume that Ayla wore her first two Halloweens. She filled it out better than Ayla did. She is much bigger than Ayla was at this age. I don't think she will be able to ware it another year, like Ayla did. And Ayla wanted to be Ariel again like she was last year! This made it super easy for me!

Here they are with Grandma, Perry!
She came too! Actually she came and picked us up and we car pooled over there.

They had the party first! 
We ate different soups and Chili. They had all kinds of yummy desserts!

Ayla watching Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin." Halloween special with the other kids, eating a cookie!

Of course she got chocolate all over her mouth!

Happy girl!

My nice, Brooke was a Dalek from "Dr. Who!"
She actually won the most creative costume in the costume contest the had. Go Brooke!

They had the fishing game there!

Ayla with her bag of goodies she got from the fishing game!

Ashlyn sleeping on Grandma!

This is Kate and her husband! 
I sat next to her for most of the night. She was due any day. I loved her costume! It was hilarious! She won funniest costume, of course!

I don't know this guy but his costume was awesome, so I had to get his picture! He really looked like Wolverine!

After partying for a while they did the Trunk or Treat, so we went outside!

Ayla was really excited that we were able to go around twice to each of the cars!

Waiting her turn!

One of Ashy!

"Trunk or Treat!"

Happily showing her candy!

In the car ready to go home!

Suz has a couple in her ward that D.J. They had this trailer that looked like a stereo. They provided the music for the occasion! I thought it was pretty awesome!

We had a great time with Suz's ward! I am glad she invited us!

Now onto what we did on Halloween itself!

I did the same party, I did last year!

This time Ayla helped me draw the fish! 
I was really impressed with her sea horse! It is the pink one next to the orange one I drew. They are in the center!

We did ski balling ghost again!
I love how Ayla looks in this picture! I love that her and Ashlyn were both in their Halloween PJ's that morning!

And of course we did the pin the nose on the witch game! 
This was the 3rd year in a row we played this game.

After getting everything ready for the party I got Ashlyn in her Halloween outfit for the day!

It was the same outfit Ayla wore on her first Halloween!

The two girls together!

Lane was Freddy Kruger for Halloween!
This was taken when him, my Mom and my sister, Marion showed up for the night. 

We started the night off at a Trunk or Treat at my last ward! It was fun!

Then we game back home and the kids went Trick or Treating around our neighborhood.

Then we had our party!

We had  really good turn out!

The kids had a lot of fun!

Lane with his crazy glasses he got from the fishing game!

I have to say, I loved Amanda's, Jared's and their two little girl's costumes! I didn't get a picture of their girls because they were too busy playing and they had already had their costumes off. But one was a parrot and the other was a monkey. They were a family of pirates. I loved it! I love pirates!

We had a wonderful Halloween!

I just love holidays!

Update on this post!

Guess what I was able to get off my friend, Amanda's blog?
A picture of her girls in their costumes! Aren't their costumes amazing! Jared made the costumes! He is really talented!


Nancy Face said...

Cute, cute girls!

I also liked handing down my kids' costumes whenever possible!

Garden of Egan said...

You always have such great pictures with family. You are a great mom and these pictures will be such for as your girls get older.