Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Festival of Trees!

I love the Festival of Trees! This year we went on opening day! It was nice because it was not super busy and we all got in on a family pass for $15. My Mom, my Dad, my sister, Marion, Lane, Ayla and I got in on the pass. Ashlyn was free! My friend, Melissa came with us too.

I love to take pictures of all the beautiful trees and then I have a hard time picking which ones to put on my blog.

Here is a "Brave" tree.
Ayla really likes Merida so I took this for her.

I love it when there are white set ups! It is just so pretty!

Lane, Marion and Ayla looking at the Grinch tree!

Ayla and Marion!

I love how each tree has a story to it! I read a lot of the stories this year. It made it kind of depressing this time but I still loved the Festival this year. I don't think I read the story to the tree in the picture above but I took the picture because I loved what the frame said. It reads, "Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened."

I loved this cute little kitchen made from an old entertainment center!

This was one of my favorites! I loved the bed and the quilt that was one the bed!

This was the tree they had for Brynn this year!
Brynn was one of my sister, Marion's friends that she worked with. She was a nurse as well. She was tragically killed by a car while riding her bike last year.

Here is the picture of her that they put with the tree. They actually took her prom dress that is in this picture and made the angel's dresses out of it to put on the tree. 

I saw this and thought it was so cute! I loved that they took a bulb and wrapped it to look like a baby Jesus!

Of course I loved all the Mickey trees they had!

Took a picture of Ayla with the "My Little Pony" tree!

Lane with the "Avengers" tree!

I loved how someone drew the baby that passed in the picture with Jesus!

I loved this Grinch sign!

Loved Mickey checking The List!

This was one of my favorites! I loved the colors in it!

It was funny because it was angel cows and barns!

Ayla with the small cabin!

Ayla with the Mad Hatter tree!

I liked how they had a tree upside down in the ice cream cone!

This had a beautiful set up!

Lane and Ayla with the "Princess and the Frog" tree! Such a cute tree!

Of course I loved this one! I loved the Mickey Mouse mini kitchen set!

Ashlyn only looking!

Now Ayla and Dad looking!

I thought this "Tangled" tree was so cute!

So cute, Ayla and all the kids watching a train together, too fun!

This tree really got to me! It was dedicated to two missionaries that were killed while serving their mission together. They made the tree skirt out of the ties they wore on their mission. I had to walk away from this tree it was making me too sad. In the tree they had signs that read, "called to serve." It made me think of how they were called to serve on the other side. Beautiful tree set up, though!

Marion blowing on Ashlyn's tummy! Too fun!!!

This tree was done by one of my blog friends, Melissa. She did a beautiful job! It was dedicated to her daughter-in-law that took her life on Christmas Eve 2 years ago. Great job Melissa!

After the trees we went to see...

Here is one of all the kids!

It was so cute Ashlyn kept looking at him!

See what I mean! LOL!

One of the my girls looking forward!

Ashlyn has been wanting to walk so bad! She was having a blast with Marion doing this!

Ayla in the bubble machine! We had to do this, this year! I didn't know about it last year and found out about it on one of my friend's blogs. It was pretty awesome!

Now onto the gingerbread houses. I love the gingerbread houses! I guess it is because I decorate cakes.

I loved that someone did "Small World!"

"The Lorax" one was awesome!

One of "Harry Potter!"

This one made me laugh!

One of "Christmas Town" from "The Nightmare before Christmas!"

A "Tinkerbell" one!

This one was well done!

One of the new "Ice Age!"

I thought this was the best "Candy Land Game" one I have seen throughout the years I have been going to the festival!

One of "The Shire!"

A "Tangled" of course! Well done!

We all had a great time at the Festival of Trees!

I somehow didn't get a picture of me, Melissa or my Mom but we were all there. :)

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