Friday, December 21, 2012

Brooke's Birthday Party!

I seriously can not believe that our niece, Brooke turned 12! Where has the time gone? We celebrated her birthday on her birthday, the 3rd of December, at Chick-Fil-A. Her Mom set up a surprise party there. We all met there and then her and her parents showed up a little after we were all there! Brooke was really surprised!

Krista and Brooke's Dad, Chris!

Brooke's Mom, Suz, Grant, Carol Ann and in the background, Kurt and Ashlyn!

The kids had a blast in the very clean playground! I liked how clean it was!
Morganne (in front), Brooke (behind Morganne) and Little Kurt. Ayla is in this picture too you just can't see her!

Now you can see her!

I always seem to get such cute pictures of Little Kurt! He is such a cutie and photogenic!

Suz and Ashlyn!

Me and my Honey, Kurt! I love this man!

Brooke's cake!

Lighting the candles!

"Happy birthday, dear, Brooke!"

Good job Brooke!
I really like how this picture turned out!

Of course Ashlyn was memorized by the balloons!

She is just too cute!

Brooke was so kind to share one of her balloons with each one of her cousins!

We love you Brooke! Happy birthday!

We really had a great time!

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