Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Thanksgiving!

First, I want to share a couple of art projects, I did with Ayla during November.

We did the hand turkeys!
Ayla traced her hand all by herself and I cut it out for her.

Ayla cut out 3 of the feathers on hers. She drew her wing and eye! I love where the eye is! It is so cute! I helped her cut and paste the rest.

Here she is holding them up!

This is the second turkey art project we did!
Grandma Perry bought a book that has patterns in it, so Ayla could do some holiday crafts. Ayla did a great job gluing hers together and tracing around the edges!

Then we hung them in the kitchen!

We had Thanksgiving at our house!

I of course made 2 Oreo pies and the candy yams!

Here is Ashlyn with her Daddy that morning!

Ayla of course got her rats out when people showed up!

Here is my sister-in-law, Suz and her family, Chris and Brooke with the rats!
I love how you can see my sister, Marion and Ashlyn in the background!

My Mom's brother, Ruel and my brother, Robert!

My Mom made the turkey!
I seriously think my Mom makes the best turkey! She cooks it all night and by morning it is falling apart! Oh and BTW, that is my brother's wife, Carolyn in the picture with my Mom!

Here is my aunt, Denise holding Ashlyn!
She is Ruel's wife.

Here is one of me with my girls!

Monty, Marion's husband!

I went to take a picture of everyone eating and my brother and Lane gave me thumbs up!

Lane gave me another one when I went to take a picture of him and my Mom!

Dad and uncle, Ernie!
I love my Dad's face in this picture! It makes me laugh! LOL!

Cute little Ashlyn...

sitting on her uncle, Chris's lap!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Good food!
Great company!

I do love having it at our house!

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Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you had a great time together.

I love all your family activities and how supportive you all are!
Can't believe how big those sweet girls are getting.