Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fun with Ayla and Ashlyn!

First, I want to share some fun things I have had the privilege to do with my sweet, Daughter, Ayla!

Kurt's Mom bought Ayla a gingerbread house so we made it at the beginning of the month. I loved that it was, "Rudolph!"

Just staring off!

The front of the house!

Ayla had a lot of fun putting on the candy!

She wanted to eat it right away! LOL!

The front!
I think it turned out great! This was actually my first time ever doing a gingerbread house! I know, can you believe it? I can't either, with me being a cake decorator!

She loved eating the left over candy!

Side view!

The back!

It came with some cardboard cut-outs of the some of the characters. Santa, Rudolph and the Abominable Snow-Creature were gumming candy! The only thing I am wondering is, where is Herby?

Ayla was so cute playing with the cut-outs with the house!

I have really enjoyed all of Ayla's paintings and drawings of Christmas trees! I even think in this picture there are stockings!

Sad thing is, Ayla got sick during the first part of the month. She had a horrible cold where she lost her voice. We had to miss a Christmas party that I had with some of my old Coworkers from ATG. Ayla was so sad the day of the party that I told her we would still have our own party. She made a few decorations. I made the cupcakes I was supposed to bring to the party and made up some games for Ayla to play.

One of the games was tossing Rudolph's nose!
I made her wear the antlers and toss a couple of red balls we had at some stacked cups.

Good job Ayla! You got one!

Missed. :(

We also played pin the star on the tree and toss the Christmas plush into a basket!

Then we had the cupcakes!

Cute little Ashlyn playing on the floor!

Then we drew snowman on Styrofoam cups!

Here is Kurts! Great job Honey!

Ayla drawing hers!

Here is all 3 of ours!
Kurt's, Ayla's and Mine! I loved that Ayla copied her Dad's! She did a great job! She even drew the smoke coming out of the snowman's pipe.

I then let Ayla open the 2 gifts I had for the party we were supposed to go to! She was really excited to get the kid's gift and I was excited to get the grown up's gift! Kurt laughed at me when Ayla opened the grown up's gift because I was so excited about it. He asked, "Didn't you wrap buy it and wrap it?" My reply was, "Yes, that is why I love it!" LOL! It was a Christmas hand towel and oven mitt that matched. I actually ended up buying the hot pads to match later.

After Ayla got better, we decided to do one of our Christmas traditions, go to the mall, ride the train and see Santa! I was very disappointed to find out that they didn't have the train at Valley Fair Mall this year. I called a few malls and found it at The Gateway. I was excited because it was outside and you would be riding through lit up trees! I was told it only ran on the weekends and that Friday was part of the weekend, so we went on Friday the 14th!

We started our night off at Wendy's for dinner!

Cute little Ashlyn, chillin in her stroller!

Lane and my Mom!

Ayla and my sister, Marion!

After dinner, we drove through the holiday traffic (crazy) to get to The Gateway. It took a long time to find a parking spot. We finally got upstairs to the mall. We went to see Santa, first. I didn't get a picture because they wouldn't let me take one without buying the package. I wasn't about to spend $20 for two 5x7's. We had already got pictures with Santa at The Festival of Trees. It was nice that there was not a line for Santa though.

After Santa, we headed over to ride the train but when we got there, there was no train. :(

I found out they put it away because of the rain.

Ayla was very disappointed. I was too.
I promised Ayla that I would take her to the South Towne Mall before Christmas to ride their train. It was indoors and they had it all week.

I love that I captured this picture of Lane!
He was so excited about the scenery! The lit up tree by the water fountain.

It did look pretty cool!

Off to the side of the fountain they had...

I thought it was pretty funny!

After freezing and being disappointed, we headed into the near by toy shop they had.

It was a neat shop! It had some unique toys!

Ashlyn on a rocking something!
I don't know what it was, a dog?

This was some kind of squirting toy. I think this picture is awesome!

Just a couple of cute pictures to end this post!



We still had a good time at The Gateway but I tell you what, I won't go there again for the train because I don't want to see my kid so disappointed.

There you have it! A post about fun with Ayla and Ashlyn!

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