Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ayla got to ride the train!

We made it to South Towne mall to ride the train on Thursday the 20th! I had promised Ayla I would take her before Christmas because the train wasn't out when we went to The Gateway mall on Friday.

 My Mom joined us!

 Me, Ashlyn and Ayla!

 Ayla looking out the window at Santa as we went by! 
I love how you can see her reflection in this picture!

 After the ride was over!

 Ayla was a happy girl!

See, here is a close up of the same picture!

Then we went to go see Santa!

 They had a cute set up with fun things to play with!

 Cute girl!

 Too fun!

We didn't get a picture with Santa because once again they made you purchase a package and their packages started at $29. 

Then I took the kids on the carousal they have there.

 Ayla on her horse!

 I rode with Ashlyn on the bench!
It was the only way they let babies ride the carousal.

My Mom took this picture as we were going around!

We had fun being able to finally ride a train!

I am glad we went there! Ayla not only rode the train but she got to ride the carousal as well. I think for now on I will just have to take my kids to the South Towne mall for the riding the train, see Santa tradition.

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Garden of Egan said...

What a memorable thing for her.
You are such a great mom.