Thursday, January 3, 2013


We did the our Christmas tradition of cookies, hot chocolate and lights! We went to the Zoolights again this year! We went the Friday before Christmas. We decided to do the lights first this time and the cookies and hot chocolate second. Everyone that came were; me and my kids, my sister, Marion, Lane, Brooke, Suz and Little Kurt.

This was Ashlyn first time for the tradition! I totally scored on her snow suite and Ayla's snow pants this year! I got them both at the D.I. for a total of $15 dollars, total together and they had never been warn! Not to mention they are Carter. I am so grateful that I got them because that night we went was extremely cold!

We got to see a couple of Santa's reindeer. I think this one was Vixen!

Look at those blue eyes!

And these ones too!
You can kind of see Blitzen in the background.

Now you can really see him!

Lane Brain came with us of course!

Brooke, Ayla and Lane with the gingerbread house!

Because we did the lights first, we were able to visit Santa. This was the first time we have been able to see Santa at the Zoolights because we usually get there later and he is already closed.

I thought it was cute how the kids could write Santa while waiting in line.

Ayla ran out of time and so I hurried and wrote what she wanted for Christmas for her. It says, "Baby Wanna Walk."

I love how it says, "Santa Claus The North Pole!"

Here is Little Kurt getting ready to sit on Santa's lap!

And here he is with Santa and Mrs. Claus!
I loved that Mrs. Santa was there too!

Then Ayla joined them!

Then Lane and Brooke!
We were sad that Morganne couldn't come. She was home sick with her Mommy. :(
I am glad Little Kurt got to join us though!

I had to take a picture of just them! Aren't they so adorable?!

I am telling you it was COLD!!! Don't you love how Marion wore her blanket as a skirt over her pants! LOL!

I had to take a picture of this beautiful Ice Sculpture of a swan!

"Come on Kurt!"
I thought this was such a cute picture!

I was so thankful that Ashlyn fell asleep! 
That is why she was not in the picture with Santa. I was so worried about her being cold.  I wish I would have left her home with Kurt because I was so worried about her. She slept most of the time and towards the end you could tell she was getting cold because she started to cry.

Here we are looking at the Eagles!

The bridge tunnel was definitely my favorite part!

It looked awesome!

We went into the reptile building to warm up! Marion held Ashlyn while she slept! Thanks Marion!

Brooke whistleling!

Ayla and Kurt!
Not quite sure what Kurt's foot is doing?! LOL!!!

I loved that they had the Lion Monkeys in there!

Close up!

Marion was so awesome, she sat with Ashlyn while we all went on the carousal so Ashlyn would be warm. This gave me great comfort!

Suz and Ayla!

Little Kurt!


I did get a picture of Brooke but it was too blurry. :(

After the carousal, I went back to get Marion and Ashlyn.

It was so funny when I put Ashlyn back into her stroller! LOL!! She was so out!

We had a good time!

But, I think we will go back to doing the cookies and hot chocolate thing before because when we were done with the Zoo, we were all pretty tired and not all of us went back to my house for cookies and hot chocolate. I  also think if it is that cold again I might just leave Ashlyn home until she is older or we might just have to do the driving around thing and look at houses and streets lit up like we have done in the pass. 

We still had a good time together. It is always so nice to spend time with family.

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