Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Christmas! 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas! It took place over a series of 3 days!

The first day was on the 23rd, Christmas Adam! You know because Adam game before Eve! I got that saying from my singles ward I went to. That was what they called our Christmas party and we had it on the 23rd. 

Anyhoo, we started our Christmas with my family that night at my sister, Marion's house!

This was the goodies table!

I made some cupcakes and some sugar cookies!

I also did the Oreo pops again!

Here is my Daddy!

Uncle Ernie!

Ian, Marion, Brent and Grandma, Marion!
It was so nice to have our Uncle, Brent there and Grandma Marion. My sister was named after my Grandma.

My nice, Angie and part of her little fam, Kody and Rae! Ian is also hers.

My other nice, Tara and her little fam, Nate and Katelyn!

Marion and my little Ashy!

So cute!

My bro, Robert!

My nephew, Kody!

Aaron and Melissa were there of course!

My Uncle, Ruel!

I love that Ayla loves to play with Ashlyn!

Cute girl!

Uncle Brent entertained everyone while we were waiting for the food to be done!

He was doing magic tricks!

He loves to do this kind of thing. He also juggles. It has been fun to have him in the family, being able to go see him perform his juggling act. He even juggles flames!

After we ate a yummy turkey dinner we opened presents!

Here is Marion giving Grandma hers!

I love how my Grandma is looking at my sister in this picture! They were having a tender moment.

The 2 Marions!

Kurt with Ashy!

She looks so mad! LOL!!

Ayla opening one of gifts she got! It was from my Brother, Robert's family.

Lane holding up the CD we got him!

Ashlyn with her baby, Ernie that Marion and Monty got her! It is a really cute toy! You push his nose and he sneezes because he has a cold.  

"Hi Sweetie!"

I like that Aaron and Melissa were holding hands!

Ayla got this saxophone from Marion and Monty! LOL!

She kept Rockin out!


My silly girl!

One last picture of me and my siblings with our uncle Brent and Grandma, right before they left!
We had a great time with my side of the family that night.

Now onto Christmas Eve!
We stayed home all day and relaxed! 
I made my first turkey!
I was so proud of myself! I don't know why I was so intimidated!

I made the whole dinner and it was yummy!

Ayla with her dinner!
See how she is still in her Pj's? Like I said we relaxed all day!

Ashy with her dinner! It is nothing much!

She had us cracking up while she played with this lid!

So cute!
I love the onesie she is wearing. It says," All Mommy wants is a Silent Night." Kurt's Mom bought her it. She also bought one that says, "Who needs Santa, when I have Grandma." Such cute onesies! We enjoyed them and are still enjoying them!

After dinner we let the kids open their presents from us!
Ashlyn didn't quite get it, she would take too long, so Ayla opened her presents too. Ayla didn't mind that at all!

I started the tradition of giving my kids Pj's on Christmas Eve! Here they are in their new Pj's!

I love the way Ashlyn is looking at Ayla in this picture! I also love that Ayla is wearing some of her dress up shoes!

My little Blue Eyed Sweetie!

We had a hard time getting Ayla to bed because she was too excited! She knew Santa was coming!

And he did!
Which brings me to Christmas day!

Ayla got the doll she had asked Santa for, "Baby Wanna Walk!"
I love that when Ayla was opening her presents from Santa she grabbed her biggest one and said, with excitement, "I think this is Baby Wanna Walk!" She could barely contain herself! She couldn't get the paper off fast enough! And when she saw that it was Baby Wanna Walk she yelled, "It is Baby Wanna Walk!" It was a moment I will never forget!

It is cute because the doll can tell when you are helping her walk.

Ayla played with her for a long time! I went in to check on her at one moment and she made me laugh because she said, "Mom how do you turn her off? I don't know how and she is exhausting me." LOL!! She thought she had to keep doing everything the doll was saying. Welcome to being a Mommy, Ayla!

Ashlyn really liked her bike she got from Santa!

I love this picture!

Kurt and Ashlyn!

We were laughing because she was giving the mad look again! LOL!!

That night we spent it with Kurt's side of the family!

Here is Suz and I wearing the new outfits that Kurt's Mom bought us for Christmas! She wanted us to have something nice to wear to the party and to wear other places. She took me to Dillards about a week and a half before Christmas and let me pick something out. It was so nice of her and I felt so loved! I then hand to go buy the boots so I would have some nice shoes to wear with it. I so love my outfit! It makes me feel like a million bucks! I so loved Suz's outfit too!

Little Kurt, Brooke and Ayla had to get into the picture!

And then Morganne!

We ate dinner and then opened presents!

Morganne goofing off!

Ashlyn with her Uncle, Chris! These two have a bond because of the St. George trip we took this past July together!

We had good time with Kurt's family on Christmas! I need to thank my Mother-in-law for getting the Lion House Rolls again for me. She makes me feel so loved when she does that. I love Lion House Rolls!

Now I just want to share a few things of what Kurt's parents got the girls.

I love this dress they got Ashlyn!

They got Ayla and Ashlyn matching church coats! Ayla in hers!

Ashlyn in hers!

The two of them together!
I should take a picture of the backs of them. They have ruffles with a bow at the top of the ruffles, on them. They are just darling on my girls! 

They also got Ashlyn the Fisher Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza! This picture was taken the day after Christmas, after I put it together. The girls love to play with it every day. I knew it would be a fun toy. I had been eyeing it during the Christmas season and I didn't buy it because I was already done buying my girls gifts. Kurt's Mom got it though and it really topped off my Christmas for me! I knew my kids would love it! Thanks Carol Anne! I love you!

We really had a great Christmas!

I just can't believe it came and went so fast! I also can't believe it has taken me this long to post this!


Garden of Egan said...

It looks like it was nonstop celebration for you!
I love all the pictures. I can't believe those little girls are growing so much!

Looks like fun times.

Nancy Face said...

I love Ashlyn's little teeth! Also the girls' adorable church coats!

Did you know that Christmas Adam is Joseph Smith's birthday? I always think of him because my son Ty was born on the same date! So - we always have a birthday party on Christmas Adam! It's exhausting but so fun!