Friday, December 7, 2012

Breaking Dawn Party! The Last One. :(

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Ann had her annual Twilight Party! Of course, I went! Most of these pictures on this post, I took from Ann's blog. 

This was the final Twilight Party, seeing how it was the last movie to come out in the series. 

Breaking Dawn, Part 2!

This time I kept the cake simple. 
I wanted to come up with something that was different from the other Twilight cakes I have made. For each movie, I made a cake that was based off of what the books covers looked like. I had already done one for Breaking Dawn, Part One and I didn't want to make another cake based off of the book cover again.

We started the night off at Olive Garden!

Not the same picture BTW, notice Ann and Monica switched places!

After dinner, we went and saw the movie.


I love how they threw in the twist near the end of the movie!
I have never had a movie make me feel so low to the point I was starting to hate it and then in a split second make me laugh so hard that I had tears running down my face! It was EPIC! I have actually seen the movie twice now. I went with some fun women from my ward, last Saturday as well to see it!

After the movie, we all went to Ann's for the party! We always have such a great time talking and laughing together! We also enjoy all the goodies people bring!

Right before people started to leave we took some pictures.

My sister, Marion, me, Monica and Ann!
I am so glad my sister started to join us! She started to go to these parties on the 3rd movie, Eclipse.

Katie and Lindsey!
Wearing their Twilight shirts they had made. They wore those shirts at the very first party and they wore them for the last party.

This one is Ann and all her cousins that came.
Shauna, Megan, Ann, Melanie and Heather!

We always have such a great time when all these women get together!

It was so much fun!

I am just sad that all the movies are over. We now have to find something else to party about because we all agreed we love these parties!

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Nancy Face said...

Your cake - AS ALWAYS - is gorgeous!

Thank you for the Christmas card! It was my very first one to arrive this year! We are not sending out Christmas cards, but we will be sending out New Year's cards. We are waiting for Ted to come home on leave for Christmas, then we are getting family pictures taken all together. We decided it was well worth waiting for that new picture!