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We have been back from Disneyland for almost a month and of course I am barely getting to it. I am excited to relive it anyway! I so love and I mean LOVE Disneyland! It is one of my favorite places on Earth!

We spent 3 days at Disneyland!

Day #1

I am so funny but I have a tradition every time I go to Disneyland. It is to ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" first. This was the first ride I had ever ridden at Disneyland, while on my honeymoon. Yes folks, my honeymoon was the first time I had been there. This trip makes 5 times for me now and every time I have ridden "Pirates" very first thing! It is my favorite ride there!

We headed over to the "Haunted Mansion" after riding "Pirates!"

Cute girl waiting in line!
It was done up with the Nightmare Before Christmas. I prefer it in it's original state.

We then headed over to Fantasyland to set up an appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Ayla to be dressed up like a princess. When it came time though Ayla didn't want to do it but she did it the last day we were there and loved it!

Ayla on "King Arthur's carousel!"

Waiting in line to ride "Dumbo!"

When we were done with Fantasyland, we met up with our friends, Joe, Amy and their family. They were the reason we went this past October instead of this coming May. We had already been planning our trip and they suggested that we go, when they did. We loved the idea that Ayla would be at Disneyland with one of her best friends, Emily. Emily is one of Joe's and Amy's daughters.

I didn't notice until I did this post that the ride we met them at was "Pirates!" So It was the first ride we rode with them! I am telling you that ride is special to me!

It was so cute when Ayla and Emily saw each other they hugged and then held hands for a while!

They were both so happy to be together!

After we rode a couple of rides with them, we all headed to California Adventure for some Ice Cream! Then Kurt and I decided we wanted to go to Cars Land and ride the new Car's ride. We were distracted on the way there by the "Tower of Terror." Ayla really wanted to ride it! 

I let Kurt take Ayla on it first. Ashlyn and I just chilled for a little while!

Here she is with her favorite rattle, kicken back!

In this picture, you can see her first tooth she cut during her 6th month! She had turned 7 months the day I took this picture!
Ayla liked the ride and said that she didn't like the ghosts disappearing  I then rode it with her and she buried her head into me during the ghosts parts but had her hands up for the drops. So she wasn't scared of how high it was or how you dropped, she was scared of the ghosts. She is my little dare devil!

After the "Tower of Terror" we went to Cars Land and I rode the new ride with Ayla. I loved it! It was quite the wait, an hour and ten minutes. We ended our first day on that note because they were closed after we got off the ride.

Day #2

We started the day off with a picture with Mickey! I love how Ashlyn is not quite sure what to think of  him! LOL!

Got one of all of us looking!

We then headed to Fantasyland!

On the way there we ran into my favorite princess, Princess Aurora!

I loved that Ayla wanted to touch the statue of Aurora! I love this statue!

Ayla loves the "Tea Cups!"

Cute girl!

This was when I went with Ayla on "Dumbo!" I had to get a picture of the Magic Feather!

I of course, let her controlled our Dumbo!

Having fun!

After a few rides in Fantasyland, we met up with our friends again and spent the rest of the day with them, so fun!

Ayla and Emily at the White Rabbit's door!

Chip and Dale!
I love this picture! They put these on themselves!

Amy with the girls, on "Dumbo!"

Poor Ayla with the sun in her eyes!

Here is a picture of most of the kiddos (minus, Ashlyn, Millie and one boy, a cousin) that were in our group. Sam and Hyrum are Joe's and Amy's boys. Their cousin is in the orange shirt. She was a cute girl! This was taken when we all ate lunch together.

After lunch, we went to Tomorrowland!

We rode Space Mountain!
I wasn't the biggest fan about the ghosts they had on the ride. They really scared Ayla. I should have looked at what they looked like before I took her on the ride. When we did the kid swap, Kurt took Hyrum instead of Ayla which worked out because Joe took Sam and so the boys got to go twice and the girls didn't mind.

Here is the picture of their ride. Kurt and Hyrum are in the front and Joe and Sam are behind them! You can't see Hyrum because his head is down. Look at how scary those ghosts are! You can see one in this picture. I don't even think they look like ghosts! They look more like Aliens.

After spending the day in Tomorrowland, we headed to the parade!

Ayla, Emily and Millie waiting for the parade to start!

Ayla with one of her best friends, Emily!

Emily then wanted me to take a picture of just her and she posed for it! I love this girl! She is a crack up and is so much fun!

Kurt and Ashlyn waiting!

Hyrum and Sam!

Another one of Emily and Ayla!

Ayla trying to help get Millie out of the road!

My blue eyed baby!

One of me and her!
I was having a hard time getting the camera with the right exposure with the flash. It is hard at night. I have a lot to learn.

Just before it started!
You can see Amy and Joe in this picture!

I scooted over to let this cute little girl in. I love how her and Ashlyn are looking at each other and I love the excitement on Emily's face!

I loved seeing the kids wave at the characters! They had so much fun!

Ashlyn making noise! LOL! Cute baby!

After the parade, Kurt had notice on his phone app that "Splash Mountain" was still open with no line, so we said bye to our friends and booked it over there. We both got to ride the ride with Ayla!

Here was mine and Ayla's ride!
"Splash Mountain" ended up being Ayla's favorite ride! I am so glad we made it that night!

Day #3

We crammed in things we hadn't been able to do yet!

Like, get pictures with the castle!
Kurt and Ayla!

Me and Ashlyn!

I really wanted wanted to meet Rapunzel! I waited in line for over an hour for her. I didn't mind because Ashlyn slept in her carrier and Kurt took Ayla on rides.

She was worth the wait!

She was so cute with Ayla!

Here she is laughing at me because I told her she was adorable!

Not the best picture of me but great one of Rapunzel and Ayla! I love how Ashlyn is just crashed out in her carrier! LOL!!

I loved that Rapunzel sat down and had Ayla hold her hair, so cute!
Loved it!

Next on my list was to see Tinkerbell. Ayla has always loved Tinkerbell!

Once again, I waited in line for 45 minutes with Ashlyn, while Kurt took Ayla on rides. That was truly the best way to do it and I will do it again!

We all got a picture with the sign!

I loved that we got to meet the new fairy, Periwinkle!

She was so cute with Ayla! At one point she had Ayla touch her wings and said that it tickled!


She was cute with Ashlyn too!

She showed Ayla her snow maker!

I am glad we got to met Periwinkle!
Now that we have seen the movie, I just thinks she is so adorable!

Then we met Tink!

It was cute in this picture Tinkerbell is pointing at Ashlyn and asking Ayla who she is. Ayla said, "That is my Mommy!" which made Tinkerbell laugh, so cute!

Then I brought Ashlyn over to meet Tink!
I love how Ashlyn is looking at Tinkerbell's hand holding hers!

After Tinkerbell, we headed over and bought Ayla a Talking Jessie Doll. The one toy Ayla had been wanting from Disneyland!

We then headed over to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Ayla's appointment, this time she did it and it was so fun! That will be the next post!

On the way over there, we ran into the Fairy Godmother, which I felt was so perfect! She was so cute talking to Ayla! She asked if Ashlyn had lost her shoes like Cinderella!

So cute!

This is where this posts ends because I felt like Ayla's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experienced needed it's own post!  It was so cute!

I just LOVE Disneyland!

To be continued....


Ann Marie said...

Darling pictures.. every one of them! It makes me want to be back there sooo much! Hope we get to go together one day!!

Garden of Egan said...

What a great bunch of pictures!!!!
So much fun,

My poor kids have never been there.