Friday, September 7, 2012

I had a great birthday!

I had a great birthday last month. I turned 33 years old. I was determined to have a great day! I cleaned the house the day before so I would be able to relax. I called people that day that I wanted to talk to instead of waiting for them to call. It was great!! I am going to do it again for sure!

Now, I want to share what people gave or did for my birthday!

Ayla drew me a card!
It is a picture of me doing three different things starting left to right, the first one is me with a present, the second, me with a balloon and third (this is my favorite) me eating something! LOL! She cracks me up! She is so cute!

My friend, Ann gave me these green, glass, goblets!
I was at her house a few days before my birthday and I noticed them. I have been wanting some of these because as a child my Mom served us pudding in goblets just like these. I felt like a princess eating out of them, such a great memory as a child. I told Ann about my memory as a kid and she told me to take them for my birthday present! I was so happy!

So on my birthday I decided to eat pudding out of them!
I wanted to put pistachio pudding in them because that was the flavor my Mom made the most. I didn't have any that morning so vanilla had to do.

And I invited my Mom and my sister, Marion to come over to eat pudding out of them with us!
They also brought some pistachio pudding with them. I just didn't have time to make it. I guess another day! :)

And of course my awesome husband made me a card!

We love the "Don't Let the Pigeon" book series in our house! That was what my card turned out to be!
It says, " Don't Let the Pigeon say, "Happy birthday" to Heather! Words and pictures by Kurt Perry."

On the inside it says, "Pleeeeease? Well...Okay. YaaaaaY! Happy Birthday Heather! Love Kurt (and the pigeon)."
He did such a great job, I thought! I love it!

As for my gift from my husband...

I got to have my first year of my blog printed out!!
I can't believe it! I had written a book!

I so love it!!
It was so easy too! I had been looking for a site where I wouldn't have to edit my blog to make it fit. I just wanted it to look like it already does. Well my friend Ann, had hers printed out like this and I wanted it. So I found the web site Blog2Print, I loaded up my first year's posts and it made the book for me. It was that easy!!!

That evening my Mother-in-law asked to take us to dinner for my birthday, at Sizzler! For some reason, I didn't take any pictures. Thanks Carol Anne for the yummy dinner! And thanks to my sister-in-law, Suz for the Carl's Jr. gift card!

When we got home from dinner, we found a present between the screen door and the front door. It was a  gift form one of my achievement day girls! I felt so sad that I had missed her. I knew she was coming over that day and I was looking forward to seeing her. I had a feeling she was going to come while we were at dinner and she did. Anyway, I love the dish towels she gave me! She had asked what colors I wanted and I told her either white, black or grey, these are the colors I plan to do my kitchen in someday. I will always think of her when I use these! :)

That night my sister, Marion took Ayla for a sleep over. Kurt and I were able to watch "The Hunger Games." Which I liked! It was a bit intense for me though! I thought for sure I would have nightmares!

The next day we had a BBQ with my family at my sister, Marion's house for my birthday!

My sister had taken Ayla to the store earlier that day to pick out decorations for my party!

She helped Ayla decorate for the occasion!

Which, I loved because I know how much Ayla loves to pretend to have parties. She always pretends to decorate and this time it was for real!

Great job silly girl!

I loved the crepe paper!

My friend, Melissa and her boyfriend, Aaron came! I think this is such a cute picture of them! I love how Melissa is looking at him!

My Mom with my girls! I love how Ayla hugs her sister all the time!

My Mom and Melissa!

My sister, Marion and Ashlyn!

My Dad and me!

My Dad again!

My sister cooked and even made me a cake!
Love it!!!

I made this sugar free pie for my uncle, Ernie! We always celebrate our birthdays together because his birthday is 3 days before mine.

Here we are with our birthday treats!

Ayla with Marion!

And last but not least, my sister, Marion paid for my hair to be colored and cut! I love it!!! My sister is so awesome! She really did a lot for my birthday! She always goes above and beyond for me! I love you Marion! Thank you!

I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks everyone for making it special!

Including those who wished me a "Happy Birthday" on facebook!


Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

Happy late birthday! It looks like you had a super great time and I love love love your hair! It turned out beautifully! =)

Nancy Face said...

Happy happy birthday! I'm glad it was so much fun! I was just beginning my senior year in high school when you were born! Ha!

I really love handmade cards, and yours are so great!

The green glass goblets from Ann are beautiful! What a treasure from such a sweet and generous friend!

Your book looks lovely! I would like to print out a book from my blog one of these days, but I always put it off because it would need editing - there are things I post just for fun, and some of them are not important enough to me to put into a book.

I'm happy that Marion and Ayla threw you a party! Yay!