Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sea World at Kurt's work again!

Three weeks ago, Sea World came to Kurt's work again. It had been a long time since the last time they came.

Sea World brings animals that they have saved and shows them to everyone at Kurt's work and their families.

Here is Ayla waiting for the show to start.

Back in 1998 Sea World saved a grey whale who they named J.J. They brought a inflatable replica of the size J.J. was when they released her back into the wild. Cool thing is I saw this whale back in 1998. It was my first time at Sea World. I just remember how big she was and thought she looked like a giant fish in a small tank. I guess that is why they only had her for a short time. She grew at a rapid rate.

They brought the armadillo again. Recognize this guy from the last time?
Sorry the pictures are so dark. We were a lot further back this time.

They brought out a toucan.

Did you know this bird's beak practically weighs nothing? They said if you closed your eyes and held your hand out and they put just the beak in your hand, you wouldn't even be able to tell you were holding it. Amazing huh? Their beaks are so big. They said scientists have been trying to figure how it is possible to be so light but it can crush things. It just goes to show, it is just another amazing creation that Heavenly Father created.

Here is a spider monkey. I think they said she was 18 years old.

I liked how they walked around with each animal for us to get a closer look!

I love baby crocodiles and alligators!

I think they are so cute!
I think this is the same one we saw last time.

The last animal they brought out was an African penguin.
I didn't know there were African penguins, did you? I thought they all lived in cold climates. I always felt bad for the penguin at the zoo here because I felt they should be in a colder climate but come to find out those penguins were the same kind as this penguin. I don't feel bad any more.

They let people come up and get their pictures with the penguin.
They told us not to touch the penguin but sure enough when I sat Ayla down next to it, she petted it's wing. I was a little mortified but I think it is cool that Ayla touched a penguin!

It is a lot of fun when Sea World comes to visit!


Cherie said...

That is a really cool experience. I guess I missed last time you posted about this (or don't remember after all I'm getting old - ha ha) but I didn't know Sea World traveled. Neat!

M-Cat said...

WHo knew that Sea WOrld would come here?

I need to take Chloee there - she would be in HEAVEN!

Connie said...

That is great that Sea World comes to your husband's work! What fun animals! I can't believe how big Ayla's getting.

Ann Marie said...

This is so much fun that Kurt's work does this. I remember the last post! :)

Pretty much if you don't want kids to touch the animals.. it's goota be out of reach... :)

Love you much girlie. :)

Garden of Egan said...

That looks like a lot of fun!
What a great thing for them to do to be able to involve the families.

Ayla is growing so fast!

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

How fun!! (and yeppie for free things)

I am glad you all had a great time.

Miss you


ML said...

Looks like fun! I never would have guessed they come her.

Nancy Face said...

What a cool idea! I'd love to see that show!