Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ayla lost her first tooth! Or should I say teeth!

In honor of Ayla's birthday today, I thought I would finally do the post on her losing her first 2 teeth!

 On January 12th, Ayla had her first lose tooth ready to come out. If you look closely it is her left bottom front tooth.

That day, we had my sister, Marion and my parents over for breakfast. Marion as a kid, loved to pull people's lose teeth out. She did a few of mine. I remember her doing it for some of our cousins. Well she still likes to do this. I know she has done it for some nieces and nephews. Well she talked Ayla into letting her pull her tooth that day!

 Here they are laughing about it! I love that they are pulling the same face!

 She started tugging!

 It hurt a little bit!
I then put some numbing gel on it and...

 it came out!

 If you look closely, you can see her tooth on Marion's hand!

 Ayla holding it up!

 We put it in a bag!
Look closely and you can see that it is gone out of her mouth!

 Ayla was so excited she had to run outside to tell Grandma and Grandpa!
My parents are awesome! They were outside shoveling my icy driveway, so that I wouldn't slip.

 The next morning the Toothfairy had came! Ayla got 2 dollars and I took her to the dollar store to get something. She picked the little bus and some chocolate!

 On February 2nd, Ayla lost her second tooth! It was the one next to the first tooth she lost! Once again, I had my sister, Marion and my parents over for breakfast and Marion pulled her second tooth! This time I put the numbing gel on first.

 Once again, the Toothfairy came and she got 2 dollars! I took her to the dollar store and she picked out these 2 bunnies. One was for her and one was for her little sister Ashlyn! I thought it was so sweet she gave one of her dollars to her sister! This was a proud Momma moment!

Here are the 2 of them are with their bunnies!

One more thing I want to add about Ayla for the end of this post, is how proud I am of her and what she has learned in school!

I can't believe how much she has learned this year in school and at home! I like that she gets packets of homework sent home, so I can work with her to see how she is doing.

She is really good at art and drawing. Below are a couple of pictures from one of her packets! I couldn't resist taking the pictures because of how cute her drawings are!

 Here is a cow, a pig and a horse!

 And here is a dog!

One of the biggest accomplishments Ayla is doing, is learning how to read! Her Dad is doing a fantastic job with her! Last night, she read the book "Go, Dog. Go!" all by herself in one night. She has read it before but it took her 3 nights, so she has improved a ton! I am so glad because I struggled with reading and she is already doing better than I did!

Ayla Mommy, is so proud of you! And I love you!

Happy birthday. today!

I can't believe you are turning 6 today!

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Nancy Face said...

She sure looks cute with her missing teeth! Yay!