Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our 24th of July!

Our 24th of July was pretty low key. Kurt and I just stayed home with our girls and did our own little thing as a family. It was really nice!

Kurt helped me get some rest that day, thanks honey!
Then in the afternoon, we let Ayla run through the sprinklers. It wasn't warm enough to bring out the pool.

Kurt and Ashlyn watching Ayla run in the sprinklers! 
Well, Ashlyn is looking at me taking the picture!

Ayla had fun for about a half an hour before she got cold. 
Another reason not to get the pool out.

It was fun for her to have it near her swing set!

She put on goggles, so she could see better! LOL! I love my cute girl!

Swinging in the sprinklers!
I am so proud of Ayla because she had just learned how to swing on her own a few days before the 24th!

My little ham!

For the evening, I had picked up some snaps, sparklers, 2 tanks and 4 snake fireworks. We also had a package of fireworks that my mom bought Ayla last year that we never set off. 

We did our own fireworks!

We did the snakes and the tanks when it was still light outside!


Being silly!

Ayla's first time with a sparkler!

She loved the sparklers!


Such a cutie!

We waited until it got darker to set off the rest of our fireworks.

There were a lot of fireworks going off around our neighborhood!

Here is one of ours!

We lit more sparklers for Ayla!

Our neighbor came by with his granddaughter and Ayla and her had a lot of fun with Ayla's snaps! It was so cute!

We had a great 24th of July!

How was yours?

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Looks like such a fun relaxing time.