Monday, August 20, 2012

Do Ayla and Ashlyn look alike?

I didn't realize how much Ayla and Ashlyn look alike until I did my last post of Ashlyn. I just wanted to share 2 comparisons.

 Ayla at 4 months!

 Ashlyn at 4 months!
I don't know maybe it is just the dress in these 2 pictures.

But I really think they look a like in these bottom 2 pictures!

 Ayla at 4 and a half months!

Ashlyn at 4 and a half months!

What do you think?


Ann Marie said...

Yes! I told you today.. they look soo much alike!

Brittany H said...

They are definitely sisters! almost identical. And both so darling!

Nancy Face said...

If they were the same size I'd think they were twins!

Recksieks said...

I didn't realize it but they look almost identical. Crazy. Both adorable of course!! Cute girls!

Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

Identical! How fun to have these to show them when they get bigger. =)