Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ashlyn turned 5 months!

I can't believe my little sweetie is almost half a year old already! I say this because this post is way over due. She is almost 6 months already!

Here is a picture of her on the day she turned 5 months!
We were at the Tracey Aviary. That is another post but for later.

She now weighs 17lbs! Can you believe it?! She is 26 inches long!
She already fits into 9 month clothing!

Now I want to share some of the things she does, has done or accomplished in her 4th month of life!

*When she wakes up (at 7 in the morning), she talks up a storm and it is loud!*

*She went swimming for her first time!*

*She went on her first road trip / vacation to St. George!*

*She had her first 4th and 24th of July!*

*She had solids for her first time! It was rice cereal.*

*She stared to try and give me kisses, so sweet!*

She rolled over both ways!

And perfected it!

And here she goes!

Starting out!

A little more!

A little more!

Almost there!

Pretty much there!


Now she just has to get that arm out!

There it is! She got it!

Ta-Da! Done!

Good job honey!

Cute girl!

Love this one!

Tired now! LOL!
She really sucks her thumb now! No more bink for her!

She learned how to kinda hold her bottle!
She doesn't get much practice with this one because I nurse her and the bottles she drinks are milk that I have pumped.

She started to set on her own!
I am actually not even touching her in this picture!

She has learn to scoot a little!

She loves to chill with her sister!

She touched the floor in her walker!

She even pushed backwards in her walker!

She loves it hen Ayla plays with her!

Now for some cute pictures!

I love this little love bug!


Nancy Face said...

I really LOVE this age! They are so cute and fun and playful, and not old enough to get into much trouble, tee hee!

How wonderful that you take so many photos of your girls! They are super cute pictures, and of course you know how priceless they are!

Garden of Egan said...

So darling!
I can't believe that she's growing so fast!

Ayla looks like the perfect big sister.