Monday, July 30, 2012

Our trip to St. George!

The second weekend in July, me and the girls went with my husband, Kurt's family down to St. George for a family reunion.

We left that Thursday.

On the way down, we ran into the "Toy Story" cloud!

We all stayed together in a really nice condo.
This Brooke and Chris being silly, sitting at the dinning table. This room was so open, you could look out the windows and see one of the swimming pools from there.

On Friday, we started our day out in Mesquite Nevada. This is where we visited some of my husband, Kurt's ancestors.

This is Dudley Leavitt's grave and behind him are his 5 wives graves.
You can see uncle Kelly in this picture.

Mariah Huntsman is one of my husband Kurt's, Grandma's this is how they are related to Dudley Leavitt.

Cute girl!

Being silly!

 Little Kurt, Ayla and Morganne being silly!

This is my husband Kurt's, great grandma, Cleone grave!
All the kids were being silly in this one!

After visiting the graves and hearing the stories of these people, we went back to the condo and went for a swim!

Ashlyn chillin in her floaty!

One of me with my girls, Ayla and Ashlyn!

Morganne and Ayla!
These life vest were a great investment!

On Saturday was the reunion! We spent the day in Hurricane.

It was held at the rec center and they had a fountain for the kids to get wet in! The kids had so much fun!

Soaked girl!


Morganne and Kurt!

I love this one!

Too fun!

Ayla was sitting on the water!

She couldn't keep it for exploding up!

She was cracking up!

Kurt and Ayla!

They had so much fun!

Inside, the kids played with blocks.

Morganne and Ayla!
Such a cute picture!

The kids were pretty worn out when we headed back to the condo!

Morganne wasn't all the way asleep!

On Sunday, we went back to Hurricane to visit some more graves!

That morning, Chris held Ashlyn, while I got ready. She slept on him for an hour! Thanks Chris, she needed it! I then dressed Ashlyn in her "I love NY" onesie because Chris was wearing his Yankees jersey, he got when him and his family went with my husband, Kurt's, parents on a trip to NY. Kurt's mom bought the onesie for Ayla but she doesn't fit in it anymore, so Ashlyn wore it.

The first grave we visited was my husband, Kurt's, Mom's, Mother's grave. She was named after her mother (as you can see her name is Cleone, just like Kurt's great grandmother.)

Here is a 3 generation picture from Cleone, 4 if you count her!
L to R top: Suz, Brooke, Krista, Mom
Bottom: Ashlyn, Morganne, Ayla and Kurt

One with me in it!

One of me and my girls!

The 2 New Yorkers!

This is Kurt's, Mom's grandpa, Vern!

Grandma telling the kids more stories!

One of Ashy!
You can really see the "I love NY" onesie, in this one!

That evening we went back to St. George and went to a small memorial of Dudley Leavitt's family.
This is a statue of his mother!

This is Dudley Leavitt!
It was nice to put a face with a name! I couldn't believe how much my husband Kurt's, uncle Kelly (who was with us on this trip) looked like him!

And of course I got some pictures of Ayla!

And the kids!
Morganne's face cracks me up, in this one!

The girls!

And one with Kurt!

After these pictures, me and Krista decided it was time to go back to the condo. When we got there it started to sprinkle and by the time we got all the kids out of the car, it started to come down. We got up to the condo, I sat down to eat some cookies and was looking out the windows and it looked like a Hurricane! It was crazy! It came so fast! At one point we heard lighting strike and it sounded like it hit our building, it was so loud! I have never heard lighting like that! It was pretty scary! It rained for about 45 mins to maybe and hour or less (I can't remember but I know it wasn't that long.) When it was over the pool was almost overflowing and there were puddles in the grass outside that looked like little ponds. We then found out that the storm had flooded streets! I am glad we weren't out in that storm! We had made it back to the condo just in time!

We then headed home on Monday.

I am glad we went! We had a great time with Kurt's family!

I only wished Kurt would have came! I missed him so much!

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Nancy Face said...

The reunion sounds like a wonderful experience! I love crazy storms - as long as we're watching it safely from indoors!

My favorite picture is of you and your darling girls in the pool!