Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Fun!

Lots of pictures!

We have been having a very fun summer!

I have gotten the new small pool out 3 times so far this year. 

 I bought this pool so it can go under the slide on the swing set. I then hook up the hose at the top of the slide so it can be a water slide!
Morganne and Kurt joined us this day! The kids loved going down face first! Morganne was the first to do it!

Ayla just went face first!


The kids had a lot of fun!

Then Ayla and Kurt had fun in the sand box!

We went swimming again but this time it was at our favorite pool! Taylorsville pool, the one we should have went to on the 4th of July!

This time we put Ashlyn in the water! 
I can't believe she fits already in Ayla's first swimming suit. It is a 12 month old suit. It was a little big at the top but it fit her pretty good. I can't believe how big she is getting!

Aunt Marion with Ashlyn!

Ayla wore her vest we bought this year and loved jumping to us in the water!

The vest was an awesome purchase because this day Ayla started to swim by herself and not cling to us. It gave her some confidence and Marion taught her how to dogging paddle. She was all over that pool!

Ashlyn loved the water!

I love her chubby legs!


So cute!
We eventually took her out where it was deeper and she loved it! She kept kicking her feet and splashing the water with her arms! It was so cute!

My Mom took this picture of Ayla from afar of her jumping into the water!

Because my Mom was sitting out with Ashlyn.
 My Mom is so awesome! I had taken Ashlyn out of the water because I didn't want her to be in too long and she was starting to get cold. I sat out with her for a while and then my mom came and took over so I could go swimming with Ayla! Thanks Mom!

Then my sweet little girl fell asleep. ZZZZ

We have been going to the zoo a lot! We have a zoo pass thanks to Kurt's Mom!
The pictures below are from this past Friday.

Ayla always has to get inside the eagle's  nest! I am sure every kid does!

She really loves the log by the river otters!

Ashlyn in her bonnet!
We are over by the polar bear exhibit.

Grabbing her Aunt Marion!

Her comes the polar bear!

She really is a sweet bear!
This is a cool picture of Marion!

You can see Ayla with the purple shirt on the left and Lane is the one standing up on the right!

Ashlyn was starting to get comfortable in her Aunt Marion's arms!

From the front!
She fell asleep shortly after this picture.

Ayla was pretending to be a giraffe!
We had just saw the giraffes and they had their toughs out!

She cracks me up!

I decided to get on a animal on the carousel, so Ashlyn got to ride the carousel for the first time!

Cute girl!

Ayla rode the dolphin!

We rode the turtle!

My sister, Marion and my Mom were making me crack up because they were dancing to the song which was on, "I like to Move It, Move It!" LOL!!!

Marion was still doing a silly dance and was teaching it to Ayla!

Marion is a lot of fun!

Us on the train!

Me and Ashlyn with Lane in front of us!

My Mom waited for us in the parking lot. I took this picture as we went by! Hi Mom!

I love Lane's enthusiasm for things!

And here is Ashlyn in her car seat, trying to eat the Halloween rattle, getting ready to leave the zoo!

My little cutie!

I just love her!

I love my kids so much! I am having a blast with them this summer!

Our summer has been fun! How has yours been so far?


Nancy Face said...

I love Ashlyn in her little swimsuit and bonnet, and Ayla peeking out of the hole in the log! Such cuteness!

Garden of Egan said...

That is so cute!!!
Perfect for a hot day.
The girls are growing so fast!

Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

I LOVE your blog!!! Your girls are darling and it is so apparent that you are a TERRIFIC Mom. =)

What a bunch of great memories you are creating for your midgets. We love the pool and zoo too around here, maybe we will run into one another one day. In the meantime, thanks for letting me 'run into' you via your blog.