Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Months and growing!

Ashlyn turned 4 months on the 2nd. This picture was taken that day!

She gained 5 ounces, so now she weighs 15.5 lbs! She is 25 and 1/2 inches long!
She had her 4 month vaccines and it was brutal! She cried so much because she wasn't feeling good. I felt so bad for her. I gave her Tylenol every 4 hours for 2 days. It was bad! I don't think Ayla ever had it that bad.

Some of the things she has accomplished, liked and done in her 3rd month are...

 She started to pull her bink out of her mouth!

 And she would put it back in!

 Ayla had to get in on the pictures I was taken! I love her messy face!

 She has become very alert!

She has gotten good at reaching for things!

She went to the zoo for her first time! (I lost the picture. :( )

We took her camping for her first time!

She kept trying to roll over but didn't make it that month.

She started to suck her thumb more.

She thinks her sister is the funniest person in the world! She cracks up at her all the time and cries when Ayla leaves her site!

I lost a lot of pictures :( so most of the pictures on this post were taken the day she turned 4 months!

 Ayla loves to drag Ashlyn around in her walker and Ashlyn loves it when she does it!

 Love this one!

 And this one!

 Ashlyn cracking up at Ayla!

The last thing I want to share is that we gave Ashlyn rice cereal for her first time on the day she turned 4 months!

 One of the first bites!

 She was digging it! I couldn't get it to her mouth fast enough!

 I love how Ashlyn is looking at Ayla!

 She started to try and do it herself!

 Ayla was sad because she wanted to feed Ashlyn!

 So we let her!

Ashlyn loved eating the cereal but a little later she was screaming. I couldn't tell if she was screaming because she was still hungry or that she was too full. I haven't tried it since because I haven't dared but I want to try it again tonight. Wish me luck!

We love Ashlyn so much! She is such a wonderful addition to our family!


Garden of Egan said...

She has grown so much!
SO darling.

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

I am LOVING all of the pictures :) and that new camera is paying off!! what beautiful pictures you have been taking :)

Your girls are so cute. Ashlyn looks so much like Ayla did when she was little. WOW!!! It's like Liam and Noah. LOL.

I miss and love you lots