Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Halloween Part #3 Trick Or Treating!

After our little Halloween party we had, we went Trick Or Treating around our nieghborhood!

Amanda the Ringmaster, Ella the Tiger, Jared the Fish Tank and Milee the Fish!

Me the Whatever and Melissa as Leena from Futurama!

The kids Trick Or Treating!
Lane as Batman, Brooke as Perry the Platypus, Ayla as Ariel and Ella as a Tiger!

Ayla getting candy!

I tried to get a picture of the kids with the decorations in this yard!

At one point, Ayla and Ella started to hold hands and wouldn't let go!

I had to help them turn around on this porch because they wouldn't let go of each other's hands! It was so cute!

Another cute thing was, Ayla kept introducing Ella to everyone who opened the door at the houses we went to! She would say, "This is Ella!"

Here is one of all the kiddos!

We went around for quite a while. The kids filled up their buckets!

Then we went back to our house and made...

Ding Dong Spiders!
I got the idea from my friend, Monica's blog!

Here is Jared helping Ella with her spider!

Amanda made one too!

Jared and Amanda showing the 3 spiders their family made!

A cute picture of Milee with the caterpillar she got that night from the Fishing game! I guess she really likes this toy!

Melissa made her some Mummy Pizza's since she was late to the party!
(If you want to know how to make these, check the post below.)
Notice, the apples and caramel dip in the picture? Ya, Jared and Amanda brought those and they were super yummy! The apples were fresh from an orchard and they made the caramel dip!

Melissa made a spider too!

After the party was over and everyone went home, Ayla crashed in her Daddy's arms!
She must have been worn out that night because she didn't wake up the next day until 10:30 am. I think that is the longest she has ever slept.

Our Halloween was so much fun! I loved it and I think Ayla loved it too! And that is what it is all about!


Garden of Egan said...

Ayla is getting so biG!!!!
It looks like Halloween was a raging success for her.
I love the ding dong spider idea.

It's great that you guys dressed up too. So much more fun for Ayla to have mommy and daddy get into it.

Nancy Face said...

The costumes all look great!

That last picture is so sweet!