Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Halloween Post #1 Trunk Or Treat and Carving Pumpkins!

I always love to do a lot for Halloween! I have a total of 3 posts of Halloween, that will post within a week. They are going to be mostly pictures and not much reading because I had too many pictures I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy!

First off on the Friday before Halloween, we thought we were going to a Halloween party at our last ward but it turned out to be a Trunk Or Treat. I was sad because last years ward party was the bomb! Oh well, it was still good to see people and we still had fun.

Lane and Ayla before we left!
Lane as Batman and Ayla as Ariel!

Here I am with the 2 of them!
I called myself, a whatever you wanted me to be, a pregnant witch, Mortisha or anything else anyone could come up with. I did love my long wig!

Then we went to the Trunk Or Treat!

I had to get a picture of my friend's little girl, Madalynn. She is just too cute!

Barny and Betty Rubble were there!


One of our friends had a pumpkin on the back of their vehicle! I thought it was very creative!

It was hilarious when Joe acted like he was handing out pumpkin cuts for the treat! Ayla almost put one of her pieces of candy in the bowl! LOL! And of course Ayla and Lane got a real treat from Joe.

Janette and me!
Just dressed up as a couple of witches!

My friend, Christine and her family had this set up in the back of their vehicle! I thought it was awesome!

I had to get a picture of Jared, Amanda and their 2 girls, Ella and Milee! Milee was the fish in the tank. I thought their costumes were so clever! They also thought it was going to be a party not a Trunk Or Treat, so I invited them over to our house on Halloween to join us!

I had to get a picture with my boys! These boys used to be some of my Cub Scouts and I usually take Spencer and Matt to the zoo with me and Ayla a lot during the summer.
Matt is the ninja, Spencer is Harry Potter and Ian was dressed in Star Wars!

On Sunday, my mom, Lane and my sister, Marion came over for dinner and to carve pumpkins!

I made chili and corn bread!

Just barely starting!

Messing around!

Lane was a great help at getting the cuts out!

Marion carving!

Here is how hers turned out!
She had bought and carved this pumpkin for Ayla!

Marion and Lane with the pumpkin!

It took me a while to do mine!

Ayla with her pumpkin Marion gave her!

I tried to do Jack Skeleton!

Here are the pumpkins together!

With the lights off!

The Trunk Or Treat and Carving pumpkins was a lot of fun!

Two more Halloween post to come!


Ann Marie said...

I love how much you love the holidays! I can read your enthusiasm in your voice!

I LOVE your Jack Skeleton pumpkin. You are just too talented....

The fish tank costume= amazing.

Nancy Face said...

Fun costumes and pumpkins!

I can't even BELIEVE the fish tank baby! Such cuteness!