Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Halloween Decor and Things I have made for Halloween!

This is a Now post!

Halloween, oh how I love Halloween!

Every year, I usually dress Ayla in Halloween outfits throughout the month but this year I didn't have very many. I did have a pair of PJ's and about one outfit. I do plan on putting Ayla in the outfit during the day on Halloween.

Here is my cute little girl in her Halloween PJ's!

Now onto the other part of this post, our decor and things I have made this month.

First off, I did these very simple cupcakes for my sister, Marion's and my brother, Robert's birthday party we had this month. I am not doing cakes right now except ones that I have had plans to do for over a year. I have found I don't mind making cupcakes, they are easy!

Usually, I only get one decoration for each holiday a year but I couldn't help it this year with Halloween. My ward was having a Super Thursday and they had 2 Halloween crafts that I couldn't resist. If you are wondering what Super Thursday is, it is usually called Super Saturday and us women of the church get together and make crafts for a few hours. It is a lot of fun and we get to know each other better as sisters. My friend, Ann's ward did a Super Service Saturday, where they did service instead of crafts. I thought that was awesome!

Anyway, the first craft I did was...

This cute witches hat!
I can't really say I made this all by myself. I had my friend, Amber Wade come with me to help me with my 2 crafts. She did most of this hat. I added just a few things to it the next day, I used a sharpie and a paper towel to dab on the black around the edges, to give it the dirty look. I added a ribbon around the brim and a bow right above the spider. I also made the star dirty and added a button. The funny thing is, the button wasn't even black, it was a white button. I just used the sharpie on it too. I love this hat! I think it is so cute!

The second craft I chose to do, that Amber helped me with too are...

These super cute bats!
Oh, how I love these bats!! I did add ribbon to them to help them stand out more.

So this is what my mantle looks like right now!
I also bought a black feather boa and the 4 lanterns that are hanging. I hung the lanterns with matching yarn, that matched my Boo sign, that is hanging from the mirror. My friend, Monica made the Boo sign, with her Stampin' Up skills. She gave it too me last year at our blog retreat.

Here is a some more of our Halloween decor.
This is just on a chair I put in our living room. We need some tables or something in the living room but for right now this chair is doing the job! I also bought the plug in Jack O' Lantern, this year. I think I went over my one decoration a year for Halloween! Oh, well I love my new decorations!

Here is the coffee table in the living room.
It pretty much looks like it does every year.

I hung our witch on the lamp this year!

I added some of the yarn that I hung the lanterns with to our Bat Motel sign! I think it looks much better now!

This is a pot of napkins my uncle, Ernie won at Bingo at the senior citizen center he goes to. He gave it to me! Isn't he sweet?! I then just put one of our TY beanies inside it.

For Family Home Evening this last Monday, Kurt, Ayla and I made...

these Styrofoam ghosts!
I learned about these from my friend's, Moncia and Ann's blogs. You draw on a Styrofoam cup and put it in the oven at 350 for about a minute or two and the melt to look like ghosts. Monica and Ann said that kids loved doing this. I learned for myself when I did this with my Achievement Girls, on the first Tuesday of this month. The girls loved it and so did Ayla!

Also during Family Home Evening that night, Kurt, Ayla and I also made...

these ghost lanterns!
All you do is draw on a milk carton and put Christmas lights inside them. I got the idea from Family Fun. I drew the 2 on the left, Ayla did the one that looks like spiders are on it and Kurt did the one on the right end. These were fun and I plan on putting them out on our porch with our Jack O' Lanterns we carve, on Halloween!

Here is a whole view of what our living room looks like right now!

I also went to my last ward's Super Saturday this month and made...

this advent calender!
I did it all with Stampin' Up stuff. It took forever! I actually ended up joining a few women over at one of their houses to finish this thing. It took me a whole 6 hours to do. I now have a real appreciation for Stampin' Up girls! Monica and DeeDee, I am talking about you!

Last but not least, the last thing I have made this month and the thing I am most proud of is, Ayla's Halloween costume.

Ayla has been into The Little Mirmaid lately. I thought what a perfect idea for a costume for Ayla, Ariel. Ayla already had the red hair for it. I didn't do the mermaid outfit, I did the Kiss the Girl dress.

You know, the one she wears on the Tour of the Kingdom?

Well here it is!
I made the skirt, the corset and the bow in her hair. I just bought a white long sleeve shirt for the top.

The thing I am most proud of is the corset!

Such a cute little Ariel!

I took pictures of Ayla spinning around in it!

So cute!

I took picture along the way, while I made the costume. I plan on posting how I made it. I am so proud of myself because I had to make the patterns myself. I youtube how to make skirts and corsets. I love youtube! This was also my first time making a skirt and corset. It makes you feel so excited when you see what you are capable of making!

We there you have it! I should have one or two more Halloween posts, but until then...

Happy Halloween!


Ann Marie said...

What fun things you have been doing!! I almost purchased some bats that looked just like what you did. They are darling! ~ So is the witches hat.

I LOVE your cute mantle. I love that it's white! *sigh* someday...

Ayla's costume is AMAZING! I love-love it! Way to go on everything.. and WISH I could eat one of those cupcakes right this minute..

LOVE you much.

Cherie said...

Ayla's costume is so cute - she is growing like a weed - Oh my!!!

I love all your decor and fun crafts - I think this is just such a fun time to decorate - I love the colors!

Hope you are feeling good.

Happy Halloween!

Recksieks said...

You are so creative! Even when you don't feel well. You are amazing! I LOVE the craft ideas and loved seeing you at the Trunk or Treat...even if it wasn't for very long. Love you guys!

Brittany H said...

Ayla is so cute! Her costume is the bomb! Can you make one for me too? haha just kidding. Also your decorations are adorable, I've never really decorated for halloween, but I think next year I might have to give it a try.

Thanks for the kind words Heather. I appreciate it. So glad to have you as a friend. I think we need to do that cabin thing again...

Nancy Face said...

Your Halloween decor is so cute! I've never seen ghost lanterns before - what a fun idea!

Ayla's costume is adorable!