Saturday, June 29, 2013

What happened in February!

 Lane turned 16!!!

They had a party at his house!
 (My brother, Robert's house)

 Marion, Dad and Ayla!

 Uncle Ernie was there!

 Me and Ayla!

 Marion and me!

Ashlyn and Marion!

 Robert and Carolyn lighting the candles!

Lane's cake!

Happy Girl!
Of course Ayla was happy to be around their animals!

Our Valentine's Day!

 This is all our Valentine's from each other!
The Oreos were mine!!!!!

 Ashlyn wore the dress Grandma Perry bought her!

 Kurt and Ayla had fun pushing Ashlyn, back and forth on the train, in the kitchen. I think Ashlyn had fun too!

 Valentine's hug!

 Ayla wearing her antannas!

 Ayla did her craft she got!

I am so glad my girls love each other!

 Ayla trying to hold Ashlyn's hand!


We had a great Valentine's day! 

We got to spend the day together and get all our favorite goodies!

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Nancy Face said...

That's a great birthday cake!