Sunday, November 2, 2014

Watch Ethan Grow Part 3!

Here is part 3 of Watch Ethan Grow posts!

5 months

Here he is at 5 months!
He weighed 17 lbs and was 26 inches long!

I started him on solids on August 29th!

With his Daddy!

He really started teething!
He got his first tooth on the 27th of August and his second tooth on the 30th!

He started sitting up on August 31st!

6 months

Here he is at 6 months, surrounded by his sisters, who love him dearly!
He weighed 18 lbs and was 27 inches long!
He moved into size 5 diapers!

LOL, he looks a little concerned!

Ashlyn just loves him!

He really starting getting up on all fours!

Cute boy!

I love this one of Ashy and him!

I love this one of him as well!

He had us all laughing at his planking! LOL!
He did this a lot!

He mastered sitting up and began to sit up all on his own!

He started scooting backwards on the day he turned 6 months!

Sweet Ash-A-Bee rubbing his head!

His planking turned into standing on all fours! We thought this kid was going to skip crawling! LOL!

He starting scooting forward on the 16th of September!

I couldn't believe how fast he grew! I had to go out and buy him all new cloths in size 12 months! Yes, I said, 12 months! He was in 12 month clothing at the end of his 6th month!

Here is a picture of his 2 teeth! 
I didn't get a picture of them when he was 5 months, when he got them!

His first time in his high-chair!

He really hadn't been in the walker a whole lot!

But when I put him in this one time, he started pushing forward!

We had stopped the solids and started them back up again!

He loves sweet potatoes!
I am having a hard time getting him to like anything else!

Happy to say his colic started to get better because he was starting to get around!

Such a sweet little guy!

7 months

Here he is at 7 months!
He weighed 19 lbs and was 27 1/2 inches long!
He officially started crawling the day after he turned 7 months!

 Still loving his sweet potatoes!
He still loves taking baths too!
He also started to give kisses! They're slobbery but I love them!

 Fell asleep sitting up in his swing! Thank goodness he is strapped in!

 He started ridding Marion's dog, Meshia like a horse! LOL!! He was totally laughing too! It was so cute!

 Still thinks his sisters hung the moon!

 Ayla made him his hat! She is so creative!

Now for some cute pictures of him in an outfit my sister, Marion got him! And keep in mind this outfit is actually 18 months! Yes, 18 months at the end of his 7 month!

 So cute!
It is a outfit that is dinosaur themed! It says, "Dino-Mite Kid" on the onesie part!

 Can't get enough of his cuteness!

 One with the hat on! The hat makes him look like he is dressed as a dinosaur!

 I so love this one!

 Such a ham!

 Looking up at his Daddy!

 He started pulling himself up to furniture on the 14th of October!

 He gets all over the place now!
I love this picture of my kids! I love how Ashlyn is peeking through the back!

 Even though his colic has gotten better, he still has his days! This was one of them! 

He actually got so exhausted from crying he fell asleep this way! LOL!
Cute and funny but also kind of sad!
I also want to point out his motorcycle Pj's! I bought them in honor of Uncle Ernie!

He had his first Halloween! He was a puppy!
This was the same puppy costume that Ayla and Ashlyn both got to wear!
Also, this is my good neighbor and friend, Erica, who lives a cross the street from us!

There you have it! I am finally caught up on Ethan's growth and milestones!

We sure do love him!

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