Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ashlyn update!

Now for an update on Ashlyn!

Ashlyn really likes her friend, Anabell!

Ashlyn loves to do whatever Ayla does! 

For example, here is Ayla with her hair tucked in! LOL! Her Aunt Marion taught her this!

Here is Ashlyn trying it! I love it!! So cute!!

Ashlyn loves to ride her bike!
She actually pushes it with her feet most of the time unless we push her on it! She hasn't figured out peddling yet but she still loves it just the same!

I started doing pigtails in her hair! I love it!!

She has become quite the ham!! She does funny things all the time to make us laugh! She will pull faces out of the blew just to make us laugh! They are some good faces too!

She loves to be next to Ayla and Ayla loves to be next to her!

I love this one of them sharing the blanket!

She really looks up to Ayla!

Happy girl!

I love this picture of Ashlyn in the yard! Kurt took this with his phone!

I love this one of her! She is so beautiful!!

Being silly!!

She has decided she loves chocolate!!


She really loves her little brother and tries to help sometimes!!
She also loves to make him laugh and she gets him going for sure!

She was so fascinated with my Mother's Day flowers!

We have been working on her speech! About 2 months ago she could only say about 20 words. Now she can say at least 60! She is really starting to communicate! It is great!

When she crashes, she crashes!
Though sometimes she wont take a nap and so I have to drive her around to get her to sleep. Then I have to take her for a walk to wake her up.
Also, notice the tape around her left leg? Ya, she likes to pick at her sores and so we had to get creative, so they could heal!

I love to get pictures of my girls sleeping together! I love how they are laying the same and sucking on their favorite fingers!

Thumbs up!

She loves to play with Ayla's toy dog, Zoomer! She mainly just keeps him on her lap and pets him!

I love how she smiles at the camera when I tell her to!

One of the things she likes to do, that she thinks is so funny, is to run off and hide. Then she will jump out and say, "Boo!" Sometimes it is really adorable but most of the time it scares me half to death! I am not a fan of hiding, aka hide and go seek (hate it)!

This was the last day she kept her hair in, I put pigtails in the back!

I loved it but it didn't last long! She took them out! Ever since then, she has not kept anything in and doesn't want me to put her hair in hair-ties!

She seriously, LOVES her cousin, Emma! She will ask me all day long, "Where's Emma?"
This is how it goes:
Ashy: "Where's Mema?"
Me: "She's at Aunt Marion's! She is Marion's baby!"
Ashy: "OH, Mema!"

One time, she kept asking, so I asked her if she wanted to go and see Emma and get a picture of her. Ashlyn of course wanted to. I went to get my camera and noticed the battery was almost dead, so I thought, oh well, Ashlyn wont really care if we get a picture. She just wants to see her. Then Ashlyn insisted on bringing the iPad with us. I thought nothing of it. I thought she just wanted something to do in the car on the way over there. When we got to Marion's, we only had about a half an hour to stay, so I was going to have Ashlyn just leave the iPad in the car but she insisted on bringing it in, so I let her. When we got inside and she saw Emma, she had the iPad in camera mode and was trying to take pictures of Emma! It was so cute! I was so impressed at her understanding and being able to know how to take a picture on the iPad! She is only 2 and a half!

Anyway, Emma is our sweet new addition to our family! Marion and Monty are adopting her! We all love her so much, which is another post I need to do!

Ashlyn is such a blessing to our family! We love her so much!

One more update, I was going to start potty training her but I think I will wait until after the holidays!  Unless, she really starts wanting to be. She has definitely shown signs! It is that time! I will update on this, when that time comes! Wish me luck!

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Susan said...

What a well loved child. It is a pleasure to read about her life.