Saturday, January 24, 2015

Melissa's and Aaron's wedding, part 3!

All the pictures in this post were done by Melissa's photographer, Susan K. Adams!


Susan took some pictures of everyone getting ready for the big moment and I want to share some of them!

The dress!

The bouquet!

The shoes!

The bride doing her makeup!

Such a cute picture of Melissa!

Me getting my makeup done!

A peacock feather in Amy's hair!

Time to get the dress on!

Melissa's Mom buttoning up all the buttons!

Amy decided to help her!

The back of the dress!

Melissa getting her jewelry on!

Melissa getting her shoes on!

Aaron getting ready!

The Tie!

The birdcage!

The Reception!

Maddax hugging his, Aunt Melissa!

Me and Amy!

The cake topper!

I made the cake!

The food!
Melissa got her eclairs!

The bridal table!
Melissa painted all the turquoise frames! I didn't get the chance to help her with that!

Getting ready to sign the Marriage License!

Aaron first!

Then Melissa!

It was then official!

Aaron got his friends to play for the wedding!
They were great! They really set the mood!





Time to cut the cake!

So gentle!

So sweet!

Time to throw the bouquet!


Time to eat the cake!

Melissa's Mom!

Melissa's Dad and his wife is the one with the boutonniere!

This kid is so cute!

The first dance!

So cute!

Maddax. Melissa and Amy!

Some cute kid!

My little Ayla!

What it looked like inside!

Ayla was so sweet with Bella!

She kept holding her hand!

She even danced with her!

Great picture of Melissa and her Mom!

And a great picture of Melissa's Dad!

The rings!

This was timed right! 
Right when Melissa's Mother-in-law hugs her, I'm hugging Ayla in the background!

Aaron getting food!

And one of Melissa getting food and a great shot of her hair!

Well there you have it!

That is all the posts on the wedding!

I really enjoyed planning and putting their wedding together! I love weddings! Not to mention, I am happy for Melissa and Aaron! I love you guys!

Also a special thanks to everyone who helped set up and get everything and everyone ready! It was a beautiful wedding!

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Nancy Face said...

I love the bride's turquoise shoes and toenails! Such fun!

I've never seen photos of the GROOM getting ready! Cool idea!

You look so pretty in your bridesmaid dress!

The cake is just GLORIOUS! What a beautiful job you did!