Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What we did for the rest of the summer, catch up post!

The Zoo!

Of course we went to the zoo!
I love having a zoo pass! We went about 5 times this year!
Ayla, Evy, Annabell and Sadie!
Yes, this is Evy the one who had a birthday party in the last post!

Ethan's first time at the zoo and on a train!

We went as a family the first time we went this year!

Ayla and Ashlyn looking at the roosters and chickens!

Ashlyn being sweet to Ethan!

Kurt was able to get Ethan laughing that day! So cute!

My sister, Marion and Ethan!



Of course we did the carousal! 


Another day at the zoo!
I love the look on Ashlyn's face in the picture!

Ayla and Brooke!
You know you've got to do this when you go to the zoo!

Another day at the zoo!
Emily and Ayla!

I love this one of Ashlyn on the train!


Amy, Hyrum, Sam and Millie!


Yes, we went to Lagoon!
Kurt had Ayla take a picture of him with this beetle! 
Ya, this gross thing flew into my hair when we first got there! Yuck! I couldn't get it out! I was screaming! I saw it fly right at me and into my hair!

Ashlyn on the helicopters!

Lane and Mom on the tea cups!
This ride makes me want to go to Disneyland!

Ayla and Kurt on Odysea!

I love this picture of Ethan!!
Ethan's first time at Lagoon!

I got this awesome double stroller the day before we went! I got to try it out for the first time at Lagoon! I love it! I love how compact it is, that it is easy to steer and it is a sit and stand stroller as well! This stroller has been a life saver! I use it all the time!

Ashlyn on the train!

Me and Ash-A-Bee!

My sister, Marion and Ethan!

My Dad!

My brother, Robert and me!

My cousin's wedding!

My cousin April got married this summer at Payson Lake!
I loved how they had signs as you walked up to the lake!

Such cute signs!

See the guy in the middle? That is my cousin, Jason! He is Padon's dad. Padon is the one a cross from Ethan in the green shirt! The girl in the middle is my other cousin, Barbra's daughter, Rachael!

The pretty women on the right, in the blue dress is my Aunt Kathy, she is my Mother's sister!

Padon grabbing Ethan's hat!

I ran into someone else there who's baby had the same zoo hat as Ethan!
At one point someone asked us if they were twins! We had to laugh because we didn't even know each other!

The ceremony was sweet! They wrote their own vows!

My cousin, Jared, the bride, April, me, my sister, Marion and Ethan!

The happy couple!

I loved how they had this sign with those who were there in spirit!
My Aunt, Shirley who just passed away the year before was on that sign!

And I loved that my cousin, had this Coca Cola patch swen into her wedding dress! It was in honor of our Aunt Shirley! She always drank Coca Cola!

Me and my Aunt Pam!

This is my other cousin, Stephanie!
She is my Aunt Shirley's daughter!

The couple's first dance!

I loved that my Mom was dancing with Ethan!

I was able to get a few pictures before she noticed!

And then she sat down!

The wedding was sweet and different! I really enjoyed it! It was the first time I had been to an outdoor wedding like it! They actually camp there the night before!


Yes, we went boating this year! I haven't been boating since I was a kid!
It was Ayla's first time! She was a little nervous at first!

It was Ashlyn's first time too!
Ethan stayed on shore of course!

Ayla felt a little more comfortable down below deck!

This is cute Amberlee!
She is my Dad's best friend, Gary's granddaughter. He is the reason we were able to go boating this year. He bought not only one boat but two!

Ashlyn below deck!

Me and Ashlyn!

Amberlee and Ayla!
Ayla started to warm up to it!

She warmed up to it so much that she was even willing to drive when Gary told her to!

It was fun to watch her!

Lane was there!

And of course my Dad!

We were out on the lake and Gary's other boat came out to meet us! Cody, Gary's son, was driving the other boat!

My Dad and Ayla!
I love this picture!

I had to get one of Gary!

Ashlyn with one of Gary's grandsons!

The girls loved the boat but I think they loved playing in the sand and in the water as well!

Ethan just chilling on shore!

Lane enjoying the water!

I love this picture!
You can see Ashlyn in front and Ayla in the back!

Ethan and my Mom!

Ethan fell asleep in Margrett's arms! She is Gary's wife!

And now just of few more pictures from the summer!

I got to meet my sister's coworker, who I talk to on the phone all the time when I call for my sister! I love her and I felt like I had already known her!

Me and Ashy!
I had to share this picture just because Ashlyn is so cute in it!
Don't you love how I have something in my teeth?

And one more picture of Ashlyn doing a new trick on the swing set!

There you have it! 
Between the last 2 posts, they sum up what we did all summer, except for a couple of other things but those 2 things deserve there own posts!


Nancy Face said...

What a fun summer!

Julie Thorup said...

Wow! What a lot of fun! I feel bad I haven't read your blog in so long! Do you have four kids now? They are all so adorable!