Tuesday, January 6, 2015

May through the first part of July catch up post!

I have a lot to catch up on, so I am going to try and keep the posts coming for a while!

We of course went to Brigham City to eat at Idles Isle Cafe and go see my Mom's Parents graves for memorial day!

Ashlyn and her Grandma (my Mom)!

Me, Ethan and Marion!

So sweet!

One of me and E-man!

Ayla and Ashlyn!

After the yummy food at the cafe, we went to visit the graves!

Here is my Mom's parents graves.

I so love this picture!
Ashlyn was acting goofy when I put her back in the van!

Ayla on the grass!

The little house!

Every spring, I seem to get the kids a new toy for the yard to play with during the summer. This year it was a little play house! They loved it!

I got one big enough for adults to fit in!

I love how my Dad was sitting in it with the girls!

Swimming at Aunt Marion's!

It was a hot day and we were at my sister's house and the girls didn't have their swim suites, so I went to Walmart real quick and picked up some cloths to swim in!

This was Ashlyn's first time actually remembering swimming! 
She doesn't like her cloths to get wet and sure enough she was fine in the pool but the second she got out, there was a meltdown!

Cute Ayla!


Of course, we visited my mother-in-law, Carolanne's grave a few times this summer!
We also went to my uncle Ernie's too but I can't find the pictures right now. :( Love you Ernie!

Feeding the ducks!

My sister-in-law, Suz has this park around the corner from her place and there is a ton of little ducklings to feed. She told us about it and we went!

Ayla getting excited about the bread and feeding the ducklings!

I have never seen so many ducklings at a park!

Their is a little yellow one right in the center of this picture!

Great picture of Suz!
Ashlyn sure loved it too!

Cute Ayla!

Discovery Gateway!

Ayla did her chores straight in a row for a while and earned the opportunity for the family to go to the Discovery Gateway!

Ashlyn was loving it!
It was her first time experiencing it!

Ayla spent a lot of time in the Market place! She was pretending she worked there!

Ashlyn riding the swan!

Ayla being a cashier!

E-man and me!

Pass of all passes!

Yes we did the passes of all passes this year and I renewed them because we used them quite a bit!
 We went to Seven Peaks 4 times but I don't have any pictures of that. I was too busy watching my kiddos!

We went to Lehi fun center too!

Lane cracks me up!

Ashlyn and Ayla!

Ayla being a ham!


Cute little Ashlyn!

4th of July!

We did our usual traditions on the 4th!

The parade!

And of course my kids all had outfits!

It was Ethan's first 4th!

Beautiful Ashlyn!

We then went swimming at a Rec pool!

And of course we went to the fireworks! The kids were wiped out at the end of the night!

Evy's birthday party!

We went to Evy's birthday party! Evy is one are friends's little girl and of course Ayla and Evy are really close!

It was outside!
They had pools and then they had...

A shaving cream fight!
Ayla looked pretty awesome!

Ashlyn got a little on her and then got out of therem  ! She wasn't having it!

Here is a picture of everyone after the fight!

And of course "E" was there!

My cute sweet Ethan!

There you have it! The first summer catch up post!

There are a few more, so stay tuned!

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