Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birthdays! Catch up post!

Mom's birthday!

We celebrated my Mom's birthday at Marion's on May 19th!

 My Mom's best friend, Val was having a great time with Ethan!

 Such a cute boy!

 He was having a great time too!

 Melissa was there!

 My nephew, Kody!

 My sister-in-law, Carolyn!

 And of course Lane was there!

 Val and Lane!

 My sister, Marion and me!

 We had enchiladas!

 Ashlyn had peanut butter!

 Ayla couldn't wait for cake!

 Right before we sang, Happy Birthday!

 Ashlyn and my brother, Robert!

 Ayla finally got her cake!

Morganne's birthday!

They celebrated my niece, Morganne's birthday on July 27th at Jungle Gyms!
I didn't make it because I had other things going on that day. :(

But I did pick out what we got her for her present! A Toothless! She loves it!

 Ayla, Ashlyn (in the back) Morganne!

I don't even want to know how many germs are on that thing!

Melissa's birthday!

We celebrated Melissa's birthday at our house on September 14th!

 Melissa with her two favorite guys, her Dad and her hubby, Aaron!

 Lane, Robert, my Dad, my Mom and Ian!
I love the face my Dad is pulling!

 Abby, Melissa, Aaron, Ayla and Amy!
Wow that is a lot of A names! LOL!

 I made her cupcakes!

Mine and my brother, Robert's birthday!

Me and my brother, Robert!
We combined our birthday parties together because on my birthday I was busy with Melissa's and Aaron's wedding! Yes, they got married on my birthday!

Once again, we had it at our place on September 21st!

Little Emma and Me!


Me, Ethan and my Dad!

 My cute niece Rei!

 My brother turned 39!

 Happy birthday Bro!

I didn't want a cake, I wanted eclairs!
I turned 35!

 Me and Ethan!

 My sister, Marion and her little baby, Emma!

 Ayla enjoyed my eclairs!

And so did Ashlyn!

Marion's and Madi's birthday!

We celebrated their birthday's at Marion's on Oct, 24th! Madi is our friend, Michelle's daughter!

 I did a simple cake and put Jack on it of course!

I again let Ayla pick out some presents for her Aunt, Marion at the dollar store!

 She picked a flower for Emma!

 Ayla made her this bat!

 I love the look on Marion's face about the piggy bank!

And Marion loved her coffee mug!

 E-man and Michelle!
She is the friend I mentioned earlier!

 Madi turned 15 and Marion turned 37!

The birthday girls!
I love how in the picture you can see the spider Ayla made Marion last year for her birthday and the bat she made this year!

We took this picture to represent how many birthday wishes Marion had blown out over the years for this little cutie! Our sweet Emma! And I tell, you what, it was a lot of birthday wishes!

Cute Ashlyn enjoying her cake!

Ian's birthday!

Ian is my nephew! We had his birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses on November 9th! My brother, Robert and his wife, Carolyn treated all of us!

Rei, Ian, Angie and Jackson!

 We had all the pizza we wanted! It was really good pizza too!
And each kid got 20 tokens to play with!

 I love how Kurt got on the horse with Ashlyn so she could ride!

 Ayla and Lane!

Never a dull moment with Lane! I love this kid!

 Little Emma!

 I love this picture! 
You see, Kurt and Ashlyn but if you look up, you can see Ayla in the tunnel!

 Ayla in jail!

 Ethan and me!

 Ashlyn on the simulator ride!

 We let Ayla do the ticket cage! It was hilarious to watch her!

Ashlyn at the Wach A Dino!

They had a machine that took your picture and then turned it into a drawing! We had a lot of fun with this!


 Me and Ashlyn!

 Me and Ayla!

 Me and Ethan!

 Kurt and Ashlyn!

Emma and Marion!

We had so much fun at Chuck E Cheeses! I think I might have to have one of my kids's birthday party there sometime!

There you have it! 
That is all the birthdays up until now! My Dad's is coming up next Monday but that will have to be on a different post!

I am sad to say, we had a party for my nephew, Kurt in August and I can't find any pictures. :( We all went to the aquarium too and it was fun! We gave him a Toothless just like we gave his sister, Morganne! He loves his too! Maybe I can snag a few pictures of his birthday party from his Mom and then post a few on here!

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