Thursday, January 22, 2015

Melissa's and Aaron's wedding, part 2!

Melissa and Aaron were married on my birthday on August 23rd! 
They were married at the Eldredge Manor in Boutiful! Such a beautiful place and perfect for the vintage look Melissa was going for!

All the pictures were taken by Melissa's photographer Susan K Adams!

The aisle!

The sign in table that we created!
Melissa's colors were turquoise, lime green and coral! She also had peacock feathers! Melissa loves birds!

Notice the rose ball? Ya, I started to help Melissa make those but the night we started, we only got about 2 done because I went into labor with Ethan! After that Melissa finished them!

Here's one of the center pieces!
Melissa and me painted the picture frames!

The boutonnieres!

There were supposed to be 3 flower girls! Ayla, Ashlyn and Bella! But Ashlyn was not in the mood that day and I decided to just send her home with Kurt so that she wouldn't have a melt down during the ceremony!

Melissa had a harpist there!

Little Ethan!
Susan managed to get a picture of my little guy before Kurt took him and Ashlyn home!

These are Melissa's nephews!
Maddax and Jaxn!

Melissa's mom, Sandy and her husband, Dave!

Our good friend Amy Savage!
 She did everyone's hair that day including mine!

Just about to begin!

Here comes the groom and the priest!

Waiting at the alter!

Melissa's Mom and her husband!

Aaron's parents!

Aarion's friend, Sam and me!

Aaron's friend, Adam and our friend, Amy Reed!

The ring bearers!
Jaxn and Maddax!

My little flower girl!

This is wear Ashlyn's picture would have been! LOL!

And cute little Bella! The other flower girl!

Now he sees his bride!

Here comes the bride with her Dad walking her down the aisle!

Giving her away!

Such a great picture of Melissa!

I thought this one of her Mom holding her husband's hand was sweet!

Bella picking up flowers!

The kiss!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard!

Happy couple!

Both sides of the family!

Aaron's siblings!

Aaron's parents!

Melissa's parents!

The wedding party!

The Bridesmaids!

The Groomsmen!

Now just some of the happy couple...

I love this one of Aaron kissing Meliss!

I thought I would end on this one because I really liked it!

There is still one more post on the wedding, the Reception!

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Nancy Face said...

So beautiful! What a memorable way to spend your birthday!