Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I turned 30!

I can't believe I turned 30 this past Sunday. We celebrated it with my family and Kurt's family on Thursday the 20th, which was my uncle, Ernie's birthday. We had a combined party. We always have a combined party with my family. Only this time, Kurt's family was there. It was at our place.

There were a lot of people at our house. This was the best picture I could find to try and show how many were. I didn't want to post pictures of everyone who was here. It would have made this post super long. We all had a great time. 

Especially the kids. 
They loved playing with Ayla's tent princess castle and tunnel. 

When I looked down the tunnel this is what I saw. 
I thought this was such a cute picture of Morganne.

And of course I had to take a picture of little Kurt.

Ayla loves to play with little Kurt. He is starting to warm up to her. He isn't so afraid of her.

Ayla kept going to my dad that night. It was so cute and it made my dad feel special.

Here is my Bro, Robert finishing up the last burgers. Yes, we had a BBQ.

After dinner, we did presents for me and my uncle.

This is how Kurt wrapped my gifts, one in a changing pad cover and the other in my nursing bib. He cracks me up! LOL!

I couldn't believe it! It was a new camera. Yay!!!
I used that camera for the rest of the party.

Here is Ernie opening his gift he got from me and Kurt.

It was the movie "The Pagemaster." 
He loves movies. You can never go wrong getting him a movie.

Then it was time for dessert.

My uncle is a diabetic and so I made him this sugar free pie.

He liked it!

My mom baked us a cake and I wrote on it. I decided to put our ages on the cake. He turned 59 and I turned 30.

Here I am while they sang "Happy Birthday" to us.

It was a great party and we had a good time.

On Saturday, I went to my friend, Ann's house for a party for my friend Suzanne. She had turned 30 too, on Friday. It was a fun party. We ate dinner, watched her open presents, sang to her and watched her blow her candles out and we played a fun card game. I don't remember what the card game was called. It was"Crown" something? I will just have to ask Ann.

I made the cake for the party of course. 
I couldn't believe how cool 30 candles looked on a cake. This was taken while we were singing " Happy Birthday" to her.

After we were done singing. They relit the candles and sang to me. How awesome is that? Such sweet girls.

I blew them out but two relit for a moment. 

This is a picture of all the girls by the end of the night who came. It was a lot of fun!

And last but not least, I wanted to show what I got for my birthday. Ann gave me the beautiful cake stand, jar of pickles and the cute little kids book. My parents gave me the Michael Jackson DVD and they paid for my entrance to Lagoon when we went a couple of weeks ago. My friend, Melissa gave me the card and a Bath and Body Works gift card. And of course my sweet husband, Kurt gave me the camera plus a memory card. Kurt also watched Ayla on my birthday so I could go to the temple dedication. That was a great present too!

I had a wonderful birthday. And the best part was spending it with people I love. The gifts are great but I would have been just as great without them. 

Thanks to all my family and friends for making this such a special birthday. I love you!


Nanette said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a gorgeous girl-inside and out. And you are so very loved! Hope this year is a special one!

Will you email me your address? I have some emails on my blog sidebar, I check both of them all the time. :)

Leah said...

Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you....happy birthday dear heather.....happy birthday to you.

and many more.....

yeppiee for 30

haven't you heard, 30 is like the new 15. yep. someone told me that, so it must be true. and may i say...you look great to be 15. hee,hee

glad you had a good day. i am also glad that you got to go to "girls night" at Anns house. woohoo for girls nights. i don't know what i would do without a girls night every now and then.

how big is baby kurt? in one of those pictures he looks the same size as ayla. ??? could just be the picture.

love you.

Ann Marie said...

Yay! I am glad you had a good birthday.. and you didn't have to make your OWN cake! Good job to your momma! ( and the fact that she birthed you 30 years ago.. )

5 crowns! Remember..there is an EXTRA suit.. and the game isn't over until the king goes wild! --ha-ha.. I know I'm a nerd!

The pickles wern't a birthday present silly girl.. I gave you a jar just because I canned them. :) People are probably wondering what the crap? When they saw pickles.. ha-ha.

I love the pictures from that night. I had so much fun... and it just reminds me of that... I see those stuffed mushrooms sitting there and my mouth waters... mmmmm.
Love you! XO

T. L. C. said...

Happy Happy Birthday Heather!
I am loving all the time you guys get to spend with family and friends in your new home!

I enjoy hearing the closeness of your family. From your dad to your mom and sister...its so sweet to read.

And girls night at Anns house plus that cake...oh how divine!!!

Hears to thirty, flirty, and thriving!!!!

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you had such a nice birthday! YAY! :D

That sugar free pie is unbelievably gorgeous!

I have a shirt that looks just like the one you wore to the party at Ann's house!