Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I wanted to post!

I have been extremely busy this week, I helped a friend with a Daddy Daughter Dance for her daughter's 7th birthday party. I helped her plan, make and set up decorations. I also made a cake for the occasion. I also made 60 cupcake for it. The dance was Saturday and it was amazing! I also worked on things for my sister's wedding, took Ayla to get her pictures taken, went to the Zoo and went to the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Some of these things I plan on posting but before I get too far ahead of things I have been wanting to post (this happens a lot to me), I want to post just a few things.

First thing I want to blog is what Kurt got me for Mother's Day!

These flowers are actually from Valentine's day (something I never got to post either). Notice the Oreo's? Ya, those are my favorite cookie! Kurt gave them to me instead of chocolates. They meant more to me than the flowers because they were a thoughtful gift! I love my husband!

Now this is what he gave me for Mother's Day! He gave me avocados and kiwis, some of my other favorite things. He also made me a card. If you have read my blog in the past, you know that Kurt makes me cards and they mean more to me than any store bought card. Anyway, Kurt and I have been eating more healthier lately. The card read, "The treats have changed this time around but I hope you never do!" Sweet huh?! This made me feel so special! Like I said, I love my husband!

Next thing I wanted to blog are a couple of cakes I made last month.

I made a Miami Heat cake for my friend, Katie's son, Treaden.

Here he is with his cake.
I love that he came in a Miami Heat jersey, when they came to pick up the cake! I also love that Ayla saw me taking a picture and she jump into the background! Isn't she the cutest?!

The next cake I made was a...

I am pretty proud of this cake!! I made it for my cousin, Corin's son, Jake! This was definitely one of my favorite cakes I have done!

It was pretty much the actual size of a guitar.

Next something that made me smile!
Right after I made the Miami Heat cake, I came into the living room and saw...

Ayla had set up her 2 hamsters and her FurReal kitten, each eating their own cake. I love that the kitten got the big cake!

Last thing I wanted to post is how Kurt is so creative!

He has been making eggs for breakfast for Ayla. Not only has he been making them, he has been cutting them into things.

He made a cat for Ayla the first time he did it!

Ayla loves the book, "There is a Mouse About the House." And so he made her a cat and a mouse out of eggs. He has done this one a couple of times.

Today, he told her a story about 3 hamsters while he was making her eggs. When the eggs were done there were 3 hamster eggs on the plate. I didn't get a picture because I was right in the middle of getting ready for church. I wish I would have though, they were cute! Kurt is such a fun Dad! I love the things he comes up with to have fun with Ayla!

There you have it! I got some things posted!
I still have some other things I have been wanting to post, maybe someday, I hope! Even though, I was extremely busy this week, I tried to blog and I was having problems with blogger. Did any of you have problems with blogger this week?


Christy said...

wow Heather you have been busy! Looks like a lot of fun stuff though. Love the new cakes.

amber said...

What Heather didn't mention in her much-to-modest-post, was that without her the party would not have as memorable as it was. Heather, you orchestrated a night of magic for 20 little girls and their daddy's. The girls are still talking about it and YOU are to thank! You have a way of taking ideas out of people's heads are making them happen x 10. So, all you Heather fans out there...Heather is AMAZING, TALENTED, SELFLESS, LOVING, DEDICATED, LOYAL, TALENTED * I already said that) and CHRISTLIKE....but chances are, if you and Heather are friends, you already know that. Loves and Hugs. Amber