Thursday, December 1, 2011

The second Breaking Dawn party I went to!

This post is late just like every post I do but oh well!

On November 18th, I went to my friend, Ann's Breaking Dawn party. She has a Twilight party every time the movies come out. They are super fun and I look forward to all of them.

I made a cake for the occasion.
This is the only other cake I have planed to do while I am pregnant. The first cake was my sisters, Marion's wedding cake. I will show that in my other catch up posts from the summer. I had planned to do this cake for 4 years now and I wasn't going to not do it. I tried to make it a little wedding cake in honor of Bella and Edward getting married.

Ann's cousin, Megan brought these awesome Breaking Dawn cupcakes for Ann!

Before the movie some of us girls went to dinner at the Olive Garden.

After the movie we took are picture in front of the cardboard display.

This one has all of us who were there.
Top: Me, Heather, Megan, Ann, Monica and Shauna
Bottom: Marion (my super awesome sister), Brenda, Amber and Melanie.
I had to laugh when I saw this picture for the first time. It totally looks like one of the wolves is going to bite Heather's head off and Shauna looks like she is going to get her shoulder bitten off.

After the movie, we went back to Ann's for cake and some light snacks.
Ann's 2 sisters, every year bring some kind of surprise gift that goes along with the movie. They are hilarious!

This year they brought Bella and Edward as Bride and Groom. They placed them on top of the cake. I thought it was perfect! They crack me up! You can see all the other gifts they have brought over the years in this photo. The first gift is the male barbie doll in the yellow shirt. He actually is one of the New Kids on the Block Barbies named Jordan, they painted him in glitter to look like Edward for the first Twilight movie. The wolf and Edward doll behind the painted barbie doll, is what they brought for the second movie, New Moon. The awesome hand drawn picture on the very back of the table is what they brought for the third movie, Eclipse. It is always so fun to see what they bring the next time.

Here is a close up of Bella and Edward! LOL!
I found out they bought the little Cinderella doll with Prince Charming and put clay over them. They did a fabulous job!

And this is what the room looked liked! I loved how Ann had puff balls hanging from the ceiling!

I had such a great time! I always have such a great time with these awesome ladies!

As for the movie, I really liked it. I liked it so much, me and my sister went and saw it again that following Monday. We both agree that we loved it!!! I thought it was well done! I wouldn't suggest it to anyone, unless they have read the book and know what they are getting into. The book was pretty graphic and so was the movie but I think they did a good job on keeping it rated PG-13. I don't think people under 18 should see it because of this.

I can't wait until the next party!!!


Garden of Egan said...

I saw this on Ann's blog. So awesome that you guys do this! So cute to see a picture of Ann and Monica!
All of the crowd looks beautiful and I bet there was a lot of laughing.

TLC said...

This cake looked AMAZING HEATHER! I wish i could have seen it/ate it in person!!!

I too, LOVED the movie. I thought they did a fabulous job but i do agree you should not see it unless your 18 or older. I've seen it twice i think i might just need to see it a few more times before it leaves theaters :)

BTW your christmas card was the first one to arrive this year! The picture of you and kurt and ayla and the bump was just too cute!!! I loved it!