Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What happened in January!

One night, Kurt came home from work and we decided to go out to dinner as a family to Arctic Circle. It was fun because we don't do this often. And as of now even less often because Ashlyn is starting the terrible 2's and doesn't even like to be in a highchair. I try not to take her to restaurants. We did have fun that night though.

Ashlyn in the highchair!

My awesome Honey!

Of course Ashlyn tore up the napkin she was holding!

It was nice because Ayla had some nice kids to play with on the playground. I love it when the kids are nice that is not always the case. There have been times before ,when mean kids are on the playground and they are not nice to Ayla. It makes me sad because Ayla loves to make friends. They are really missing out!

Ashlyn wanted to get out and walk around the playground!

Cute girl!

My other cute girl having fun!

The next thing we did in January was...

go to dinner for my Dad's birthday! 
We went to Golden Corral!

Uncle Ernie with my Dad!

My brother, Robert, his wife, Carolyn, her son, Cody, Rob Davis  (a family friend) and my nephew, Lane Brain!

Ashy and my sister, Marion!
Her husband was there too. The picture I got of him was blurry.

My Mom with my happy girl, Ayla!
She was so happy to have cotton candy!

And of course, my Honey!

Happy messy faced girl! So cute!

We had a good time at dinner for my Dad! I love to spend time with family!

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Nancy Face said...

I'm glad to see I'm not alone in posting about past months! Lately everything has been so crazy busy, I just can't keep up!

It's amazing to me to see how quickly Ashlyn has grown, and how long Ayla's hair has gotten!

Hope you enjoy your summer!