Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is 7 to 10 days over yet?

So last week, I was totally getting excited about the New Moon party my friend, Ann is having. I read on her blog that she prays no one gets sick. I laughed and thought, no one is going to get sick in the amount of time we have left until the party. Well, I thought wrong.......

Well, this past Thursday, I went to a play with my sister. It was Little Shop of Horrors. I love that movie. Anyway, while I was there, I started to get a sore throat. I thought nothing of it. But the next day it hurt pretty bad. I had a cough and that was it. I thought okay I've got a cold. I will be better before the party.

A couple of days went by and I was feeling really cruddy. So I went to the doctor. I knew it had to be more than a head cold but I didn't prepare for what it really was. When the doctor came in and told me I had the flu and from the symptoms it was the Swine Flu, I was floored. I don't even remember getting a fever or anything that bad. I have just had cold symptoms, a headache, some congestion in the chest and some body aches. I was so shocked that the test came back positive. I also had a sore throat and that isn't usually one of the symptoms.

Anyway, I am feeling better today but not all the way better. The doctor told me as soon as I feel better and have no symptoms I should be totally safe to be around people. She said I should be over it before Friday. My friend's party is on Friday but I decided not to go because I don't think I will be over it by then. So thanks to the stupid Swine flu, I will be missing an exciting party that I have waited for for over a year. It breaks my heart. :(

The good news is that Kurt and Ayla have no signs of having the virus. The doctor said that they should have gotten sick with in the first 5 days that I was sick. Well today is, day 7 and they are doing well. We have Clorox wiped everything and I wear a mask around them. I also wash my hands every two seconds. I swear I spend the majority of the day over the sink. My hands are really dry. Not to mention the hand sanitizer I use also adds to the dryness.

I should be over it by tomorrow. They say the virus lasts 7 to 10 days. I am grateful I have had a mild case. I can see how it could be bad if I had other health conditions. It does take a toll on the chest. I am grateful I don't. So wish me luck that I get better soon.

I can see why it is spreading so quickly. People think they just have a head cold and then they go out in public. I thought I just had a head cold. But if your head cold consist of a dry cough, with no mucus, you have headaches and if you have body aches, be careful. You might have the swine flu.


Nanette said...

Oh dear! I am so sorry you got sick, that is n fun at all.

Ann Marie said...

I have felt bad all weekend over this. I am going to miss YOU so much! But-- like I said.. there will be plenty of get togethers.. and I still hope to see that beautiful cake!

Know that I LOVE you.. and you will be in my thoughts tonight.

Mark your calender for June 30th!
No flu season then.. thank goodness!

Nancy Face said...

Oh, NOOO!!! :(

I'm so sad you got the stinkin' swine flu and had to miss the party! That is the biggest bummer ever! I'm grateful you didn't have a very bad case, but still! :(

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

oh girl i am so sorry! that breaks my heart for you. terrible timing!
i hope you get feeling better soon,and if you need any help with ayla,you just call me and i'll scoop her right up! arden would love a playmate.

Suzanne said...

AW!! Heather!! I hope you are feeling better now!! All will be well, I promise! -Suzanne

Cherie said...

Heather I am so sorry to hear that the flying pig decided to stop over. That stinks!!
I hope that you are feeling better by now.
New Moon awaits you!